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What Happened To Dev on GENERAL HOSPTIAL


Dev first appeared on GENERAL HOSPITAL for a handful of episodes back in March of 2019 during Sonny’s search for Dante. The character was played by young actor Ashton Arbab in his daytime debut. Although he was introduced in Turkey, he reappeared in the June 18 episode when he was caught breaking into Dante and Lulu’s home in Port Charles! (And despite the confusion among some GH fans because of their similar appearances, Arbab is not Maurice Benard’s son, Joshua, who played a younger version of his father’s character, Sonny, in a special episode back in November of 2018.) Unfortunately, Arbab’s time in Port Charles came to an end in November 2020.

Dev was first seen as a teenage pickpocket in Ankara, Turkey, who tried to steal from Sonny Corinthos. (Clearly, the kid didn’t know who he was dealing with!) But when Dev begged him not to turn him in to the authorities, Sonny took pity on him and even bought the boy a meal. He showed Dev a photo of Dante Falconeri and explained about his search for his son. Dev was scared, but agreed to help the American. After leading Sonny to the compound where Raj had Dante, Dev picked the pockets of the guards so they would chase him and Sonny could slip inside.

General Hospital Dev Sonny Dante
Dev helped reunite father and son.ABC/Michael Yada

As Sonny plotted his escape with Dante inside, Dev met with Robert Scorpio in an alley and updated him on what Sonny was up to. The teen disappeared while Robert was on the phone, and returned to the compound where he was captured by one of the guards. When Raj ordered Dev eliminated, Sonny started a firefight and the WSB arrived to clean up the mess.

Months later, Josslyn Jacks was startled to enter Lulu and Dante’s home to retrieve their son’s baseball glove and interrupt a burglar who turned out to be Dev! Arrested and taken to the police station, Dev said he was a friend of Sonny’s and the mobster vouched for him and got the teen released. Dev explained that he couldn’t return to Turkey or he would be killed, so Sonny arranged for the teen to receive a new identity, that of his distant cousin!

GH Cam Trina Dev Joss
Cam, Trina, and Joss accepted Dev into their group.ABC

Dev expressed an interest in working for Sonny, but Sonny insisted he attend school like a normal kid. He befriended Joss’ pals Cameron and Trina, and quickly became part of Port Charles’ teen set. However, when Josslyn tried kissing him, he quickly rebuffed her advances.

Although Gladys Corbin had agreed to claim Dev was her grandson, things got more complicated when it turned out that Dev’s supposed father, Brando Corbin, was actually alive and showed up in Port Charles! Dev worried that this could ruin everything and he’d be sent back to Turkey, but Sonny was on top of it and kept the lie intact. Although Sonny and Carly planned to send Dev to boarding school, after a bullet was found in his backpack, they decided to keep him around for his own protection.

GH Brando Dev
Dev went to his fake dad for advice!ABC

Although Cameron had made fun of his friend for being practically asexual, Dev later confessed to Brando that he had a crush on Josslyn. Brando advised his fake son to be himself and if it was meant to be, it would happen. Unfortunately, Dev decided to take matters into his own hands and tampered with Joss’ journal to make Cameron think she wasn’t into him at all! But when he once again tried to kiss Josslyn on her birthday, she once again placed him in the “friend zone.”

Dev continued trying to get Josslyn to see him as more than friends, but began to feel guilty about his actions. As he was about to confess to Cameron at the Floating Rib, a bomb went off and tragically, Dev did not survive his injuries.

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