What Happened to Brando on GENERAL HOSPITAL


Actor Johnny Wactor joined the cast of GENERAL HOSPITAL as the supposedly-dead Brando Corbin in January 2020. GH is Wactor’s daytime debut, although the actor has an extensive resume that includes appearances in primetime series like ARMY WIVES, SIBERIA, CRIMINAL MINDS, NCIS, and THE OA.

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Brando is the son of Gladys Corbin, although she had told everyone that he was killed in action. When Sonny caught her leaving him a voicemail message at Christmas, she claimed she liked to do it to feel close to her son. But it turned out there was a lot more to it than that! Brando is also supposed to be Dev’s father according to the fake papers Sonny Corinthos had drawn up to keep the kid in the country. So things got a whole lot more complicated once he entered the picture!

GH Brando Sonny
Sonny wanted some answers!ABC

When gunshots rang out at the Corinthos Coffee warehouse, Carly Corinthos assumed the gunman protecting her during the shootout was one of Sonny’s men. But after the guy took a bullet for her, Carly was stunned when Gladys recognized her son. Later, at the hospital, Sonny questioned Brando, who admitted he’d run out on his mother after a huge fight. But he still checked on her social media and when he saw her posting about a grandson, looked her up to find out what was going on because he never had any kids.

When Carly questioned why he saved her, wondering if he knew she was Sonny’s wife, he admitted he was just acting on instinct. Brando then quizzed her about this supposed son he has, and Carly explained the whole situation and the forged papers. Brando reluctantly agreed to go along with the scheme but wanted to go home to Chicago. However, Sonny gifted him with a garage, assuring him it wasn’t a front and that he didn’t want Brando involved in his business. This was just a way of thanking him for saving Carly’s life.

GH Brando Jason Sonny
Brando may be family but he’s not sure he wants to be “Family.”ABC/Valerie Durant

Brando was nice to Molly Davis when she stopped by to have her car looked at and the pair ended up spending the night together. But the next day she learned that her boyfriend hadn’t run out on her, he’d been kidnapped! She swore Brando to secrecy about their liaison and he promised to keep quiet. But he soon clashed with Sam McCall, who worried about her sister. When the villainous Cyrus Renault approached Brando, he quickly rebuffed the drug runner, but the mechanic came under suspicion when Jason Morgan had a near-fatal crash after Brando worked on his motorcycle!

When Cyrus offered to get the charges against him dropped if he came to work for him, Brando agreed, though he was really working as a double agent for Sonny. And to keep up appearances, Jason even shot Brando! Gladys returned to check on her son and Brando was furious when she agreed to take Cyrus’ money to implicate Jason in Franco’s murder.

Brando also found himself growing closer to Sasha Gilmore as she struggled to get clean from drugs, and when he opened up to her about his own troubles, the two had sex in his garage. When he found out she was pregnant, she told Cyrus it was from a random one-night stand in order to protect Brando from his wrath. But Cyrus decided to test Brando’s loyalties by abducting his mother and ordering his employee to shoot her! Thankfully, they were rescued and Cyrus was eventually brought to justice.

GH Gladys Brando Sasha
Gladys just can’t seem to stay out of her son’s life!ABC

Sasha was worried about Brando being a part of their child’s life given his involvement in the mob, so he happily left that world behind him. He also forced his mother to move out and get a job so he and Sasha could prepare to welcome their bundle of joy in the near future.

Stay tuned to GH to see how Brando’s story continues!

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