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Since viewers don’t see Molly Lansing-Davis on GENERAL HOSPITAL as often as they once did, it’s understandable that some might need a bit of a refresher on the young woman’s history in Port Charles. Well, we’re happy to oblige! The character was first introduced in November of 2005, and after being played by two sets of twins, the toddler was aged into a pre-teen when Haley Pullos took over in 2009. In 2015, the actress received a Daytime Emmy Award nomination for Outstanding Younger actress for her work and continues to deliver impressive performances to this day.

Molly’s life was dramatic right from her birth, when Alexis Davis delivered her baby girl with the help of Dr. Robin Scorpio in the wreckage of a deadly train crash. After Alexis divorced Ric Lansing, he got custody of their daughter, though they ultimately agreed to joint custody and when Ric eventually moved to Los Angeles, Molly remained behind with her mother.

General Hospital Molly Sam

“Seriously, have you seen the way Jason fills out a black T-shirt?” (Photo Credit: Ron Tom/ABC via Getty Images)

As she grew older, Molly found herself surrounded by drama, dealing with her mother’s affair with Mayor Floyd and older sister Kristina’s abuse at the hands of her boyfriend, Kiefer Bauer. The precocious little girl also tried to play cupid occasionally, trying to set up Alexis with Mac Scorpio and big sis Sam McCall with Jason Morgan. After being injured in a bus crash heading to a ski trip, Molly experienced mood swings and fits of rage. She suspected she might be bipolar like Sonny Corinthos but she was instead suffering from PTSD and went to therapy for help.

In high school, Molly began dating TJ Ashford, but after she passed out after drinking a spiked drink at a party he threw, Alexis forbade her daughter from seeing him again. A rebellious Molly defied her mom and continued seeing TJ on the sneak, but though Alexis eventually found out, she softened her stance and allowed them to be together as long as they followed the rules.

Molly got mixed up with Rafe Kovich, Jr., a homeless teen who was arrested when his mother was murdered. She helped hide him in her room but he was eventually found and turned himself in to the cops. Molly also found herself arrested when she helped Rafe and John McBain escape police lock-up to rescue a missing Sam and her son, Danny. Rafe eventually developed a crush on Molly, but she only considered him a friend and remained faithful to TJ Molly wrote a book, Love in Maine, which was stolen and published by Connie Falconeri under her own name, though the truth was eventually revealed and she got credit for her work.

General Hospital Rafe Molly TJ

“Decisions… decisions…” (Photo Credit: Todd Wawrychuk/ABC via Getty Images)

When Ric returned to Port Charles in 2015, Molly tried to build a relationship with her father, but he was arrested for mob-related activities and killed in police custody. Devastated, Molly sought justice for her father, and believed Alexis’ new boyfriend, Julian Jerome, had framed Ric. Thankfully, Ric’s death was only a charade to help catch the real criminal, and a relieved Molly agreed to try and accept her mother and Juilan’s relationship.

Molly discovered that Rafe had been using drugs, and after he crashed the car they were in, she escaped with minor injuries but Rafe died after being taken off life support. She also narrowly avoided being caught with the rest of her family in the explosion when someone set a bomb at Alexis’ home.

Still seeing TJ, Molly was the one who accidentally let slip to Curtis’ Aunt Stella that Shawn Butler is TJ’s biological father. She was by her boyfriend’s side as he worried about his mother, Jordan Ashford, who needed a kidney transplant and worried about how to help her sister, Kristina, when she got sucked into the Dawn of Day cult.

General Hospital Molly TJ

Molly was there when T.J. needed her most. (Photo Credit: ABC)

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