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What Happened to Martin Grey on GENERAL HOSPITAL


Speculation was running fast and furious when it was announced that Michael E. Knight was joining the cast of GENERAL HOSPITAL, as the soap kept a tight lid on any details regarding his new role, but once he showed up, it turned out that he was playing a brand new character, attorney Martin Grey. The actor will be familiar to soap fans as Knight starred for years as ALL MY CHILDREN’s Tad Martin, and later had a stint as Dr. Simon Neville on THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS.

Martin was first introduced on GH in September 2019 when the lawyer met with his client, Nelle Benson, at Pentonville where she was incarcerated. They discussed her case and he admitted it didn’t look good for her. She insisted that she had changed her ways and felt remorse for the crimes she’d committed, and Martin agreed to represent her at her parole hearing.

General Hospital Martin Nelle
Nelle hoped Martin would set her free.Howard Wise/

Then, Martin found himself hired by Kim Nero to represent Franco Baldwin in court to argue that he was really Drew since he was implanted with his memories. The attorney was intrigued, and took the case, successfully arguing that Drew’s identity shouldn’t be determined by his physical appearance.

After Nelle was finally released on parole, Martin continued to work with her as she schemed her way into the Quartermaine family, but he was really working more closely with Valentin Cassadine, helping him locate the codicil to maintain his hold on the Cassadine fortune. When that was finished, Martin continued working for Nelle, helping her argue her custody case to take Wiley away from Michael Corinthos.

When Lulu fell into a coma following an explosion, Martin suggested Valentin take advantage of the opportunity to secure custody of their daughter and a disgusted Valentin fired him. It was later revealed that the lawyer shares a past connection to Port Charles bad guy Cyrus Renault — they are brothers! Although Martin swore he never wanted anything to do with his sibling’s criminal empire.

GH Martin Cyrus
Martin and Cyrus found themselves on opposite sides of the law (mostly!).ABC

Things got even more shocking when Laura Collins learned that Martin and Cyrus were her half-brothers and Cyrus was responsible for the death of their father, Gordon Grey! Martin worried when Carly Corinthos had his mother, Florence Grey, abducted to use as leverage against Cyrus, and he worked together with Jackie Templeton to find out where she was being kept. Ultimately, he was able to see his mother and agreed to keep her away from Cyrus. Martin was touched when Laura tried to get to know him better and threw him a small birthday celebration, but their relationship soured when Cyrus revealed that the attorney had helped Julian flee town after he caused the bombing at the Floating Rib!

Martin was relieved when Carly reunited him and his mother, and he also helped Molly Davis take down a racist judge. Unfortunately, even though Cyrus was finally brought to justice, he continued to threaten his family from behind bars, forcing Martin and Laura to go into hiding for their own protection. After months in a safe house, Martin and Laura had plenty of time to bond, but then an assassin struck! Laura saved her brother, and after the assassin was arrested, they returned to Port Charles, believing the danger had passed.

Martin filled in for Kevin Collins at the hospital playing Santa for the sick kids and when Lucy Coe sat on his lap to flirt with Kevin, she was surprised to see who it really was. But it all worked out fine as Martin and Lucy spent the night together and decided to see where this might lead! Unfortunately, Valentin forced Martin to choose between dating Lucy and having him as a client, so the couple had to sneak around.

GH Lucy Martin
Lucy and Martin really hit it off!ABC

Peter August tried to hire Martin, but after a talk with Laura, the attorney recused himself. After a passionate reunion, he and Lucy decided to go public with their relationship. And Valentin had to just deal with it because he needed Martin’s help to stop the ELQ and Aurora Media merger. When Anna Devane dug up dirt about the attorney’s finances to force him to spy on Valentin, the lawyer left town until her investigation was over. When Martin returned to Port Charles, he was then heartbroken when it appeared that Lucy had been murdered by Anna. However, learning that Victor Cassadine had abducted her and framed Anna, Martin helped Anna and Valentin avoid the cops while on the run. He then took on Esme Prince as a client, as the pregnant young woman was suffering from amnesia as she found herself accused of being The Hook killer.

Stay tuned to see what happens next!

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