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What Happened to Kevin on GENERAL HOSPITAL


Kevin Collins has been on GENERAL HOSPITAL for decades as well as its spinoff, so he has quite a lot of history newer viewers might not be aware of. The character was introduced back in 1993, played by actor Jon Lindstrom. From 1997-2003, Kevin was a main character on PORT CHARLES, and in 2004 he made a cameo appearance at Lila Quartermaine’s funeral. Lindstrom returned to GH in 2013 on a recurring basis, although when he was unavailable to film in 2015, the role was briefly recast with Anthony Starke. But despite his life being threatened more than once, Kevin takes a licking and keeps on ticking!

Psychiatrist Kevin Collins arrived in Port Charles in the hopes of treating his identical twin, serial killer Ryan Chamberlain. After visiting his brother in the mental hospital numerous times, Kevin was knocked out by Ryan, who switched places with him. Thankfully, Kevin managed to escape and rushed to stop Ryan from detonating a bomb at Mac and Felicia’s wedding! After being locked up again, Ryan escaped once more and impersonated Kevin to abduct Felicia’s daughter, Georgie Jones. Kevin helped rescue the little girl but felt guilty when Ryan died in a fire.

General Hospital Kevin Lucy
Kevin and Lucy had some pretty wild adventures!Scott Garfield/ABC

Kevin began a relationship with Lucy Coe, and she stuck by him as he investigated his troubled past with Ryan and their abusive mother. He suffered a breakdown, during which time he stalked and kidnapped Felicia. After she agreed to drop the charges, Kevin began treatment and lost his medical license. He then wrote a novel called General Homicide which became a bestseller… and also a blueprint for a real killer! Kevin teamed up with Mac to solve the mystery and was stabbed by Greg Cooper, the murderer. After recovering, Kevin proposed to Lucy, but he called off the wedding when he learned about Lucy’s involvement in the car accident that left Serena Baldwin blind. He later changed his mind, but when he tracked down Lucy, he found out she was involved with Scotty Baldwin!

Finding comfort with Dr. Eve Lambert, Kevin began dating her and they eventually tied the knot. But she was drawn to another doctor, Ian Thornhart, and their marriage fell apart. Next, his past caught up to him when Rachel Locke, the sister of his ex, Grace, came to town intent on ruining his life. While treating Livvie Locke, Kevin discovered that she was not Rachel’s daughter but Grace’s, and that he was her father. Things got even crazier when Kevin struggled to protect Livvie from a vampire named Caleb Morley. Kevin and Lucy were married, and he was presumed dead, but she was able to rescue her husband from the other side.

Kevin returned to Port Charles in 2013 to help Lucy, who had stabbed John McBain, believing him to be Caleb. He reconnected with his friends, and although he treated Lucy, they eventually split up when he found out she was having an affair with Scotty. He also treated other Port Charles residents like Lulu Spencer and Jason Morgan (really Drew Cain).

General Hospital Kevin Laura
Kevin found love again with Laura.ChrisD/

Helping Laura Webber unravel the clues left to her by Helena Cassadine led Kevin to join the Spencers on an adventure that left him shot by Valentin Cassadine when he tried to save Laura’s life. This brought the two together, and Laura and Kevin were married at Christmas in 2017. But things took a turn when Kevin visited his very much alive brother, Ryan, in Ferncliff where the serial killer again switched places with him! While Kevin was locked up in the mental hospital, Ryan decimated his life, divorcing Laura and killing again. Kevin went blind temporarily like all the other twins in Port Charles, but couldn’t have his sight restored until he managed to escape with Laura’s help.

Kevin managed to avoid legal charges for harboring a dangerous fugitive and even Laura forgave him for keeping Ryan a secret from everyone. Although Ryan had been presumed dead, Kevin was one of the many people in town who refused to believe it, even when he and Laura received the killer’s hand in a package! Although he and Laura were back on track, Kevin agreed to pretend to date Ava Jerome in order to lure Ryan back to Port Charles to face justice. But when it worked, Ryan knocked out his brother and left Kevin dangling from the rafters in a straitjacket at the Nurses Ball! Thankfully, Kevin survived, and Ryan was brought to justice.

Ryan got his license reinstated and returned to work, advising Ava on breaking free of Ryan’s grip and testifying that Franco Baldwin was mentally competent to make his own medical decisions despite believing he was Drew Cain! He also supported Laura as she dealt with the villainous Cyrus Renault, especially once he and Martin Grey were revealed to be her brothers! When Ryan was diagnosed with “locked-in” syndrome, Kevin reassured those suspicious that he was unlikely to be able to fake the condition. Kevin was also forced to say goodbye to Laura temporarily when she and Martin went into witness protection to keep them safe from Cyrus.

GH Liz Kevin hypnosis
Kevin used his skills to help Liz remember her past.Craig Sjodin/ABC

Kevin posted bail for Spencer Cassadine when he was arrested for harassing Ava, and urged him to get a job and turn his life around. Suspicious of Spencer’s girlfriend, Esme Prince, Kevin called Spring Ridge to restrict her access to Ryan. She later questioned Kevin about his serial killer brother claiming to be doing a project for college, but he warned her to steer clear of the guy. When she ignored him, Kevin had Esme fired from Spring Ridge and barred her from seeing Ryan. He also tried to help Elizabeth Webber uncover repressed memories from her youth by putting her under hypnosis.

Kevin joined Laura in helping Valentin get Charlotte away from Victor’s men in Switzerland and bring her back to Port Charles. When Ryan broke out of Spring Ridge with Heather Webber, the duo went to Wyndemere where their reign of terror came to an end. Heather was arrested while Ryan was shot dead by Dante. After helping Laura deliver Esme’s baby, Kevin had a private moment with his brother’s corpse to say goodbye.

The shrink wasn’t able to help Ned Quartermaine when a head injury left him believing he was Eddie Maine, but Kevin was able to assist Laura again when they went to Chechnya in search of a missing Nikolas Cassadine. The trail led them to Cassadine Island and then to a Swiss bank where they at least found evidence that Nik was still alive and in hiding.

Stay tuned to see how Kevin’s story continues!

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