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What Happened to Peter on GENERAL HOSPITAL


When actor Wes Ramsey joined the cast of GENERAL HOSPITAL as the mysterious Peter August in November of 2017, it was clear that there was more to him than meets the eye. But after his true identity as Henrik Faison was revealed to Port Charles, he struggled to find his place in town. Peter eventually seemed to be turning over a new leaf but in the end, his multiple horrible crimes were exposed and the guy met a violent end.

Peter August arrived in Port Charles to interview with Drew Cain for a position at Aurora Media, and was soon hired to be the COO. He hired Lulu Falconeri to write for Aurora, and worked with Nina Reeves and Maxie on Crimson. Unfortunately, he published Lulu’s interview with Nathan West in which he revealed that he is the biological son of infamous supervillain Cesar Faison. While Drew and Sam were away and Peter was left in charge, he refused to help Anna Devane lure Faison to town, but it was unnecessary, really, because Lulu’s story had already brought Faison back to confront Peter himself!

General Hospital Peter Maxie
Peter comforted Maxie, even though he was partially responsible for her heartbreak!XJJohnson/

Maxie arrived at the office and found herself caught up in the hostage situation as Faison held them at gunpoint. Peter tried to shoot the villain, but was hit instead. Luckily, he was prepared and wearing a bulletproof vest. Tragically, Nathan wasn’t as lucky and when he rushed to Maxie’s rescue; Faison shot and killed him. Peter later visited Faison in the hospital and called him “Dad,” revealing himself as the mysterious Henrik Faison that people had been searching for. He gloated that he now held all the cards, including the flash drive containing Drew’s memories. When Faison struggled to breathe, Peter refused to help and left his father to die.

As Maxie grieved, Peter offered the expectant mother a shoulder to cry on and they became very close although she had no idea of his true identity. But because she’d worried her child could inherit Faison’s Huntington’s disease, a worried Peter went to Dr. Griffin Monroe for blood tests himself. And while Peter learned he was in fine health, Griffin also put the pieces together and realized he was Henrik. When the doctor confronted him, Peter was able to manipulate him into keeping his secret. He also clashed frequently with Valentin Cassadine, who feared his own involvement in Peter’s mysteries could come to light and jeopardize everything he’d built in Port Charles.

General Hospital Valentin Peter
Valentin worried Peter’s secrets would expose his own!XJJohnson/

But there were too many people searching for Henrik for Peter to keep his secret much longer, and during the Nurses Ball, Sam and Jason found the lighter in Peter’s office that made them realize who he really is. Lucky for Peter, he’d already left the ball to drive Maxie home, ending up delivering her baby on the side of the road when she went into labor! Also, Peter was stunned to learn Anna is really his mother.

Seeking vengeance for her son’s death, Liesl Obrecht kidnapped Peter and tortured him in a secluded cabin with Nina’s help. After the angry doc transferred him to Spoon Island, Peter convinced Nina to help him and they barely escaped with their lives when Obrecht set the building on fire. After he got out of the hospital, Peter was determined to make a fresh start, purchasing The Invader and hiring Lulu to write for him again. He also met his sister, Robin Scorpio Drake, properly and hoped one day to prove to her that she can accept him as family.

GH Peter and Anna - JPI
Will Anna ever get a Mother’s Day card from Peter?XJJohnson/

As time went on, Peter’s relationship with Maxie deepened, and they ultimately confessed their feelings to each other. After a few false starts, the pair finally began dating and made love. Peter’s relationship with Anna, however, was trickier as he wasn’t comfortable with her acting like his mother. Just as things were finally looking up for Peter, he found himself blackmailed by Shiloh who threatened to reveal that Henrik was working with Helena Cassadine years ago and was part of the plot to kidnap Drew and Jason!

Things got even worse as Peter arranged for Drew’s plane to go missing and for someone to stab Andre Maddox to keep the secret. Then, when Franco wanted to erase Drew’s memories in the hopes of restoring his own, Peter hired another hitman to kill Franco and Andre! When investigations into the assassination attempt led Anna to Eurotech, a shell corporation used by the evil DVX, she asked Peter about his working for them but he spun her a yarn and promised he wasn’t Heinrik anymore, so she agreed to cover his involvement. He also covered his tracks by pinning the attempted murder on Obrecht!

Peter continued to settle into life in Port Charles and he was thrilled to learn that Maxie was pregnant with his child. However, Robert Scorpio continued to try and expose his web of lies, and Damian Spinelli wanted to protect Maxie from her beau’s dangerous past. Eventually, Obrecht worked with the WSB and put Dante Falconeri on a mission to bring Peter down and clear her name. And when Peter and Maxie were preparing to tie the knot, Obrecht interrupted the ceremony to reveal that Alex was his real mother! Then, Valentin stepped in to expose Peter’s crimes to everyone there.

GH Maxie Peter wedding
Maxie and Peter’s wedding day did not go as planned!ABC

As there was no proof, Peter was not arrested at the time, but Franco remembered more about Drew’s abduction and kidnapped Peter in order to get to the truth. Unfortunately, his plan backfired, and Peter shot and killed Franco! Joining forces with Cyrus Renault, Peter covered his tracks when Gladys Corbin stepped up and claimed she’d seen Jason at the scene of the crime and he was arrested. He also arranged for a nurse to replace the real Chloe Jennings so Maxie would hire someone loyal to him and he could make sure nothing happened to his baby girl.

However, as the walls were closing in on him, Peter was thrown down a flight of stairs and there were plenty of people who would have loved to be the one to have done it! Ultimately, it was revealed that Hamilton Finn shoved him during a struggle, and when Elizabeth Webber found the body, they both teamed up to hide the corpse and be rid of the villain forever (without facing criminal charges themselves)!

But it seems the doctor and nurse aren’t very good at telling whether or not someone is dead because the next time they checked on the body, Peter was missing! As everyone wondered what had happened to him, Peter resurfaced over in Nixon Falls, spying on Maxie! He was stunned to see Sonny Corinthos there and quickly realized he was suffering from amnesia and Nina was keeping him in the dark! Using that as leverage, Peter tried pressuring Nina into helping him get his hands on Louise and when that failed, he tied her and Phyllis up in the Tan-O and set fire to it!

GH Nina Mike Peter
Nina was stunned to see Peter in Nixon Falls… mostly because he knew who “Mike” really was!ABC/Nick Argo

Peter managed to give Anna and Valentin the slip, but resurfaced when Obrecht was abducted by Victor Cassadine and discovered that he was working with Henrik’s son! Drew Cain was also revealed to be alive, and under hypnotic control Peter was using to turn him into a deadly soldier. When the WSB descended on Cassadine Island, Peter shot Valentin and used Drew as his puppet to turn the tables on Jason. When Jason escaped and deactivated Drew, they managed to wound Peter but when the tunnel collapsed, Jason was lost and presumed dead.

Peter was arrested and ate poisoned food delivered by Brad Cooper, an assassination attempt set up by his aunt, Selina Wu. Unfortunately, Peter survived and while in the hospital, was stunned when Victor informed him that his daughter, Louise, was being raised as Bailey by Brook Lynn Quartermaine as part of a scheme she and Maxie had cooked up! During Peter’s transport to prison, the van ran off the road and he was able to escape in the ensuing chaos. Peter abducted Louise from under Brook Lynn’s nose and invited Maxie to join them in leaving Port Charles to be a family together. Maxie agreed to go with Peter as long as he agreed to leave Louise behind and not take her on the run with them.

As Peter took her to a farmhouse in Switzerland he’d bought, Maxie left clues so they could be found and when she finally made a break for it, Peter gave chase! Felicia Scorpio came to her daughter’s aid and hit Peter over the head before he could shoot Maxie. As everyone else left him laying in the snow, Anna admitted to Peter she hadn’t called an ambulance but sat with him so he didn’t have to die alone. (And also to make sure he was truly dead and his reign of terror was finally over!)

Stay tuned to GH to see if this is really the last we see of the diabolical villain!

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