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What Happened to Nathan on GENERAL HOSPITAL


Nathan West was one of GENERAL HOSPITAL’s top cops and one of Port Charles’ sexiest residents. He came to town to avenge his sister and discovered his family ties were more twisted than he could have ever imagined. He also found true love and happiness… until it was all snatched away in one terrible moment!

Who Played Nathan?

Nathan was introduced on Dec. 30, 2013, when Ryan Paevey made his GH debut. The character proved terribly popular but in February 2018, he met a tragic fate after the actor chose to exit the soap.

Nathan West first appeared in Port Charles as the cop who sublet Maxie Jones’ apartment while she went off on a journey to find herself. The police detective convinced then-police commissioner Anna Devane to hire him at the PCPD and he was assigned to be Dante Falconeri’s partner. But Nathan’s true goal was to nail Dr. Silas Clay for the attempted murder of his sister, Nina Reeves.

GH Nathan and Madeline - ABC/Getty
”Please don’t be a very good detective, nephew — I mean, son!”Michael Ansell/ABC

Nathan’s real name turned out to be James Reeves, and his mother, Madeline Reeves, urged him to bring Silas down. But the twist was that Madeline was the one who had drugged Nina hoping to kill her unborn baby! Then Maxie came home with a new boyfriend, Levi Dunkleman, and he and Nathan clashed immediately. Nathan picked up Britt Westbourne at a bar and thankfully Maxie interrupted them before they slept together because Madeline revealed that Liesl Obrecht is Nathan’s real mother, making him and Britt siblings!

Nathan and Maxie

Growing fond of Maxie, Nathan attempted to help lie so she could get custody of her daughter, Georgie, but she didn’t want him risking his career. While handcuffed together on the Fourth of July, Maxie and Nathan shared a close moment that was interrupted by Levi. But it was later revealed that Levi was really Peter Harrell, Jr., and was using Maxie to get to Felicia’s Aztec jewelry. When he kidnapped Maxie and Lulu, Nathan and Dante went to the rescue. But the situation got even more complicated when Nathan and Maxie found themselves prisoners of Victor Cassadine, and as the pair feared they might die, he confessed his feelings to her.

GH Nathan and Maxie - JPI
Nathan and Maxie were already an attractive couple, but when they dressed up? Oh boy!Howard Wise/

After Nathan got free, he threatened to kill Victor, but Obrecht claimed the Cassadine was his father! Once everyone was home safe, Maxie and Nathan were finally able to start a relationship and they made love for the first time on the New Year’s Eve anniversary of their first meeting. Maxie asked Nathan to move out of the apartment since now that they were dating, she wasn’t ready to live with him yet. Later, Nathan also didn’t appreciate it when Maxie helped Johnny Zacchara skip town.

Damian Spinelli returned with Georgie looking to reunite with Maxie, who dumped Nathan after he accepted Spinelli’s challenge to box for her love. Nathan joined forces with Spinelli’s ex, Ellie Trout, to make their lovers jealous, and it worked because both couples were reunited at the Nurses Ball. After Silas was found dead, Nathan tried to clear Nina’s name and was stunned to discover Madeline was the killer!

Who is Nathan’s ex-wife?

After Nathan was shot, he called Maxie by the name of his ex-wife, Claudette, while on painkillers. She had cheated on him and broke his heart, and Obrecht urged him to keep quiet because he had shot Claudette’s lover in a drunken rage. Maxie accepted Nathan’s marriage proposal, only to have Claudette show up in town with her daughter, Charlotte, who she claimed was his! Charlotte’s true parentage is too complicated to get into here, but suffice it to say, Maxie exposed that Claudette had faked the DNA test results.

GH Maxie and Nathan Wedding - ABC
Maxie and Nathan finally tied the knot in a beautiful ceremony (officiated by Spinelli!).ABC/Michael Yada

Nathan and Maxie were finally married on Jan. 17, 2017, at the Metro Court Hotel, although they didn’t get to enjoy a honeymoon because Maxie went to Portland for work. While his wife was away, Nathan got caught up in helping nurse Amy Driscoll, who needed a face for her Ask Man Landers advice column and subsequent book. This caused problems when Maxie eventually returned and was suspicious about all the time Nathan and Amy were spending together. She wasn’t thrilled when Nathan told her the truth, but it was better than what she was imagining!

How did Nathan die?

On Thanksgiving, Maxie told Nathan that she was pregnant, and he was overjoyed to become a father. Unfortunately, they later discovered that Nathan’s true father was the evil Cesar Faison, and Obrecht had kept the secret to protect him from the villain. Things spiraled out of control as Faison returned to Port Charles for another reign of terror and when Nathan rushed to the Crimson offices where Maxie was being held hostage, Faison shot his son! The cop was rushed to the hospital and while Griffin managed to perform surgery and stabilize his condition, Nathan later died with Maxie by his side, leaving her and their child alone. His tragic death will continue to affect his friends and loved ones as they struggle to live without him.

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