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What Happened to Silas Clay on GENERAL HOSPITAL


When Dr. Silas Clay is mentioned on GENERAL HOSPITAL, it’s understandable for newer viewers to not know who the guy is. Although they would definitely recognize him because he looked remarkably like Dr. Hamilton Finn! The character was introduced in May of 2013 as a new role for actor Michael Easton, who was unable to continue playing his ONE LIFE TO LIVE character of John McBain on GH due to contract disputes. Unfortunately, Silas met a tragic end after just a few years in Port Charles.

Sam Morgan encountered Silas in a hospital in Manhattan while looking for Morgan Corinthos. She thought he was serial killer Stephen Clay and was relieved to learn he was his brother. She filled Silas in on Stephen’s crimes, adding that he had a son, Rafe Kovich. Later, Silas arrived in Port Charles to meet his nephew and petition for custody of the teen. Sam was furious but forgave Silas when the oncologist helped save the life of her son, Danny, who was battling cancer.

General Hospital Sam Silas
Sam softened towards Silas after he helped save her son.Howard Wise/

Ava Jerome had told Kiki Jerome that Franco was her father, but it turned out that Silas was really her dad. Sam began a relationship with Silas only to later learn that he had a wife. Silas confessed that his spouse, Nina Reeves, had been in a coma for two decades and blamed himself for her condition believing she’d attempted suicide after learning of his affair with Ava. Although Madeline Reeves claimed her daughter had died, Nina surprised everyone by showing up in Port Charles! Not only wasn’t she dead, but it turned out that Madeline had accidentally put Nina in a coma when she poisoned her to make her miscarry Silas’ baby. Wanting to help Nina recover, Silas invited her to stay with him, unaware that she was secretly plotting revenge against everyone who had wronged her. That included him, and Nina successfully drove a wedge between Silas and Sam.

Silas was devastated when Rafe died in a car accident, and he accused Patrick Drake of purposefully botching his treatment. He then took Ava’s side when Nina kidnapped her newborn daughter and helped Kiki bring little Avery back home. When Ava escaped from prison and was presumed dead, Silas actually had her hidden away in a clinic where he informed her she had cancer. Although Ava begged him to let her die, he instead kidnapped Avery and used the child’s bone marrow to save her mom’s life.

General Hospital Franco Silas Nina
Nina certainly looked plenty guilty of Silas’ murder!sean smith/

When Ava returned to Port Charles in disguise as Denise DeMuccio, Silas saw through it but she forced him to keep quiet by threatening to reveal he’d kidnapped Avery. Feeling terrible that Nina was losing her mind believing she’d kidnapped the baby again, Silas wanted to come clean, but unfortunately, he was stabbed to death. Franco found Nina kneeling over his corpse holding the bloody knife, but it was later revealed that it was Madeline who had murdered him in the hopes of getting her hands on Nina’s fortune.

When Nina met Sasha Gilmore, the young woman she believed to be her long-lost daughter, she mentioned Silas as she filled her in about her family, including her father. Of course, Sasha turned out to be lying, and it was actually Nelle Benson who was Nina and Silas’ daughter. Then, in 2022, it was revealed that Silas was actually the father of twins, because Willow Tait was the other daughter Nina never knew she had!

Sadly, memories are all that is left of poor Silas.

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