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What Happened to Johnny Zacchara on GENERAL HOSPITAL


Johnny Zacchara was very popular on GENERAL HOSPITAL from his very first appearance in September 2007. Although his initial run came to an end in May 2013, actor Brandon Barash reprised the role from December 2014 through February 2015 and then again from December 2015 to January 2016. Although it might be hard to bring the character back to GH now because Barash is busy playing Stefan over on DAYS OF OUR LIVES!

When Johnny Zacchara first appeared in Port Charles, he started flirting with Lulu Spencer, and they continued seeing each other though her friends disapproved of him. After his father, crime boss Anthony Zacchara, was paralyzed, Johnny took over the family business, joined by his sister, Claudia Zacchara. As they worked together against the Corinthos organization, they arranged a hit on Sonny Corinthos, but it was his son, Michael, who got hit.

GH Lulu Johnny
Lulu and Johnny had a… complicated relationship.ABC/Danny Field

When Lulu killed Logan Hayes in self-defense, Johnny took the blame, but when he was put on trial, Claudia lied on the stand to get him off. Lulu eventually dumped Johnny because he treated her too delicately. Johnny was upset when Claudia married Sonny so he began dating the mobster’s ex, Olivia Falconeri. When Michael killed Claudia, Johnny believed it was Sonny who was responsible and testified against him in court. But when Michael confessed, Johnny waged an all-out war to take down Sonny’s organization.

When Kristina Davis wanted to get back at Sonny, she asked Johnny to pretend to date her, but he eventually stopped her from taking the charade too far. Sonny had a bomb planted in Johnny’s car, but Kristina was also caught in the blast. They survived, and Johnny steered clear of Kristina from then on. Shot by Jason, Johnny blackmailed Dr. Lisa Niles to tend his wounds, and they began a relationship but he was unable to get her over her obsession with Patrick which ultimately led to her death.

GH Carly Johnny
Carly and Johnny kept their affair a secret for a while knowing how people would react!Howard Wise/

After digging into Johnny’s past, Sonny revealed that Claudia was really his mother, and his father was actually Gino Soleito. Carly Benson comforted an upset Johnny which led to a relationship that ended when she and Sonny found him in bed with Connie Falconeri. After shooting Anthony dead, Johnny tried to make a fresh start by buying The Haunted Star and going into business with Lulu. Connie blackmailed Johnny into marrying her, and he was desperate to confess to his grandfather’s murder as well as causing the accident that killed Cole Thornhart and his daughter, Hope. Although Connie tried to silence him, Johnny was convicted and sentenced to 20 years in Pentonville.

In 2014, Sonny was sent to prison where Johnny had been amassing power in his quest to unite the three Port Charles crime families. Of course, he wanted the Zacchara’s to be at the head, which meant taking over the Corinthos and Jerome territories. When new evidence surfaced about Anthony’s murder, Johnny was cleared and released from prison. He reminisced with Lulu and revealed that he’d bought back his half of The Haunted Star and they were partners again. Dante Falconeri got protective of his wife and when things came to blows, Lulu was disappointed in both of them.

GH Johnny Julian Sonny
Johnny’s power grab didn’t end the way he’d planned.Howard Wise/

When Julian Jerome and Sonny escaped from prison, Johnny and Carlos Rivera rushed to intercept them. in the ensuing battle, Johnny had Sonny at gunpoint but Julian shot him in the shoulder. Carlos took Johnny to Sabrina’s apartment so she could help him and when the cops arrived, Carlos covered for Johnny so he could get away. With his plans falling down around him, Johnny begged Maxie Jones for help and she helped him get out of Port Charles.

In late 2015, Johnny resurfaced and caught up with Lulu, offering to help get rid of Valerie Spencer, who was causing trouble for her and Dante. They nearly slept together before Lulu came to her senses. After trying to set Valerie up as a dirty cop, Johnny tried to kill her by setting fire to a cabin where he’d trapped her inside and was arrested trying to skip town. He took full blame for the schemes against Valerie, and Lulu expressed her gratitude before Johnny was taken back to Pentonville.

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