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What Happened to Kate/Connie on GENERAL HOSPITAL


The history of Kate Howard and Connie Falconeri on GENERAL HOSPITAL can be a little confusing, as they’re the same person, but we’re here to clear it up for you. The character of Kate first appeared in May of 2007, played by Megan Ward. She dropped to recurring status with the soap in 2009, eventually departing in 2010. In September 2011, Kate returned to GH played by Kelly Sullivan, who remained in the role until the character was killed off in 2013. Although when the character made a ghostly appearance in Ava’s special episode in January 2018, it was Ward who reprised the role as Sullivan was unavailable.

When Kate Howard was introduced, Sonny Corinthos recognized her as his former lover from Bensonhurst, Connie Falconeri. She had changed her name to erase her Brooklyn history and become a high-powered fashion magazine editor. Kate and Sonny reconnected, and when she was involved in a hit-and-run, was released into his custody as she awaited trial. Ric Lansing sought revenge on his brother, Sonny, through Kate, but his father, Trevor Lansing, blackmailed him into reducing the charges. However, Trevor also blackmailed Kate into choosing between Sonny or him and her career. After she was drugged and got into another car accident, Sonny blackmailed a judge so she would only receive community service, and a furious Trevor fired her from Coture. So Kate launched her own magazine, Crimson, with Jasper “Jax” Jacks as her partner and financier.

General Hospital Sonny Kate
Kate was a different woman than the Connie Sonny remembered.Patrick Wymore/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

Kate tried to get away from Sonny by going to Manhattan, but he took her to Brooklyn and after revisiting memories of their past together, he proposed. She declined, fearing Sonny was still in love with Connie, not Kate. She was accidentally shot by Michael Corinthos, but after surviving surgery, forgave him. Sonny tried to leave the business and Kate accepted his proposal, but she was shot at the altar during their wedding. Kate’s cousin, Olivia Falconeri, who had come to be her maid of honor, stuck around for her recovery and moved to Port Charles herself. But after learning that Sonny had slept with his ex-wife, Carly, Kate dumped him. After Dante Falconeri was revealed to be Sonny’s son, Kate admitted that she’d known Olivia’s son was his since they were teenagers and never told him. The two realized they were never meant to be and she left town.

Kate returned to Port Charles about a year later, resuming her work at Crimson and slowly rebuilding her relationship with Sonny. She had also bought Jax’s share of the Metro Court, making her Carly’s partner. However, she was also seeing a psychiatrist and had kept her bloody wedding dress. As her condition worsened and she suffered from blackouts, she sought help from Dr. Ewen Keenan. Calling herself Connie, she went to Johnny Zacchara to get help splitting up Kate and Sonny. Ewen soon came to realize that Kate was suffering from Dissociative Identity Disorder. Kate emerged while Connie was having sex was Johnny and was horrified. Ewen hypnotized Kate so Connie could explain that she was created to protect Kate from Sonny who had already almost gotten her killed once.

General Hospital Johnny Kate
Connie used Johnny to destroy Kate’s life.Howard Wise/

Although Kate agreed to commit herself to a mental institution for help, following a confrontation with Olivia about trying to erase her past, Connie reemerged and took over. She arranged for Sonny to catch her with Johnny and attacked Ewen when he tried to help her. As Connie tried to leave town, Jason stopped her and Kate reemerged, confessing her multiple personalities to Sonny.

During her hospitalization, Kate relived traumatic memories from her teens, including being raped by Joe Scully, Jr., which ruined her relationship with Sonny. It also produced a son, who she realized was in Port Charles, Trey Mitchell. Sonny proposed again, but at the wedding, Kate reverted to Connie, who revealed she was married to Johnny! After continuing to blackmail Johnny, Connie kidnapped him and locked him in the trunk of her car. Trey and Kristina followed her and in the resulting car accident, Trey was left brain dead and a guilt-ridden Connie took her son off life support.

General Hospital Sonny Connie
Just as Connie got her life back, she lost it permanently.Howard Wise/

As Connie continued to develop a softer side, Sonny was drawn to her and they eventually slept together. When Kate reemerged, she was horrified that Sonny slept with her alter. After Connie took over again, Sonny convinced her to check in to Shadybrook where she was ultimately integrated but decided to go by her original name, Connie. She returned to work at Crimson and rehired Maxie, but told Sonny she couldn’t be with him. However, she confessed to Olivia that she was still in love with the mob boss. 

After Connie overheard her new boss, Derek Wells, on the phone admitting he was really Julian Jerome, Sonny found her laying on the floor of her office in a pool of blood, having been shot! Before dying, she wrote the letters “A” and “J” in blood, and Sonny immediately assumed A.J. Quartermaine was the killer and ultimately took revenge by shooting him dead. However, it was really Ava Jerome who had shot Connie in order to keep her from spilling Julian’s secret identity. Years later, as Ava was undergoing facial reconstruction surgery, she had an elaborate nightmare which included an appearance from Connie wearing the bloody dress in which she’d died to remind Ava of her violent past.

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