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What Happened to Valerie on GENERAL HOSPITAL


Valerie Spencer first appeared on GENERAL HOSPITAL back in March of 2015, but over time, fell onto the back burner so now whenever she appeared, some viewers found themselves wondering who she is and where she came from. Well, that’s where we come in! Brytni Sarpy was cast on GH as another member of the Spencer clan, and went from homewrecker to police detective in just a few short years! However, with the actress being snatched up for a new role on THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS, the role has been recast with daytime newcomer Paulina Bugembe

Valerie was first seen when Lulu Spencer and Tracy Quartermaine went looking for Pat Spencer and found her daughter instead. When Valerie was held hostage by a gun-wielding Luke Spencer, claimed that her mother was dead and was knocked unconscious in the struggle when he learned the truth. Lulu and her husband, Dante Falconeri, found Valerie, and they tracked Pat and Luke down to the old Spencer home in Port Charles. Tragically, Pat passed away, and Valerie blamed Luke for causing her death, vowing revenge. She attempted to kill Luke, but Dante talked her out of it.

Dante and Valerie Kiss on GH - JPI
We’ve heard of “kissin’ cousins” but kissing your cousin’s husband?Howard Wise/

Lulu invited her cousin to move in with them, but soon grew jealous of Valerie and Dante’s growing closeness so Val moved in with Nikolas Cassadine instead. However, Valerie and Dante continued to bond when she got a job as an administrative assistant at the police station where he worked. On the Fourth of July, a drunken Dante slept with Valerie believing that Lulu was cheating on him with Dillon Quartermaine. Valerie felt terribly guilty about it and agreed to keep quiet about the tryst, even though she was developing feelings for him.

Valerie tried to take her mind off Dante by dating Dillon, but it turned out he was also trying to distract himself from his feelings for Lulu, so they both agreed to keep each others’ secrets and stay friends. Unfortunately, Valerie’s videotaped confession was played at Lulu’s Halloween party and it almost destroyed their marriage. Now working as a cadet for the PCPD, Valerie was partnered on an awkward stakeout with Dante, and they continued sleeping together occasionally. But once Dante and Lulu started working things out, he and Val called it quits.

General Hospital Andre Valerie Jordan
With all the crime in Port Charles, you’d think Valerie would have more to do!ChrisD/

Not realizing the man she helped with car trouble was really escaped fugitive Johnny Zacchara, Valerie wound up kidnapped and left to die in a cabin on fire. Lulu rescued Valerie, who was shocked to learn that Johnny was working on Lulu’s behalf and struggled to forgive her cousin. Valerie started dating Curtis Ashford and graduated from the police academy. But Valerie dumped Curtis when he used her police connections to his advantage while he was working for Julian.

Valerie has popped up to perform some police duties, including attending the funeral of Nathan West, and arresting Cameron Webber for buying pot. A while back, she helped out her pal, Kristina Davis, by kissing her publicly in the hopes of making her ex, Parker, jealous. But later, Kristina tried kissing her again which caused Val to freak out. She alluded a friendship with a girl growing up that got weird after something happened, so could Valerie also be bisexual like Kristina?

Valerie was upset when Kristina ditched her for her new friends in Dawn of Day and tried to help free her friend from the cult’s clutches but Kristina’s family kept her on the outside, not wanting to involve the cops. Valerie hasn’t been seen since June 2019 but presumably, she’s still off-screen fighting crime in Port Charles!

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