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What Happened to Dillon on General Hospital


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Dillon Quartermaine hasn’t been on General Hospital since Robert Palmer Watkins was taken off contract in the fall of 2017. Although the soap initially reported the actor would remain on recurring status with the soap, the character of Dillon hasn’t been seen for years. Which is a shame, because as a member of the Quartermaine family, Dillon is a big part of Port Charles and should remain so!

Who played Dillon on GH?

After a series of child actors, Scott Clifton took over the role of Dillon as a teen in 2003 and stayed for four years, earning three consecutive Daytime Emmy Award nominations in 2004, 2005, and 2006. He departed GH in 2007, and can currently be seen playing Liam Spencer on The Bold & The Beautiful over on CBS. Dillon was not seen again until 2015 when Watkins assumed the mantle of the Quartermaine heir.

How was Dillon introduced?

Dillon first appeared in 1992 as the son of Tracy Quartermaine and Paul Hornsby. A year later, Tracy violated her custody agreement with her ex-husband by skipping town with the tot. They showed up in New York City a few years later (on the short-lived ABC sudser, The City) where they lived for a short time. In 2003, Tracy left a teenaged Dillon with his grandparents, Lila and Edward Quartermaine, and took off. Dillon quickly became smitten with Georgie Jones, much to the dismay of his mother, and her father.

General Hospital Skye Ned Dillon Alice Edward
Dillon quickly became part of the Quartermaine clan.Getty

Georgie was worried because Dillon had started working as an errand boy for mobster Lorenzo Alcazar, and Tracy only agreed to force her son to quit his job if Georgie broke up with him. A heartbroken Dillon found comfort with Alcazar’s niece, Sage, and Georgie was devastated to witness them sleeping together. Dillon and Georgie eventually reconciled, and when Port Charles was infected with a deadly virus, Dillon believed he was dying and wanted to marry her. Their parents reluctantly agreed but after the teens tied the knot, Dillon survived.

Wanting to hurt Georgie, Lulu Spencer lied to Dillon that his wife was having an affair with Diego Alcazar. Believing her, Dillon slept with Lulu and was later horrified to learn of her deception. Dillon and Georgie divorced, but as they began to reconcile, Lulu discovered that she was pregnant. Knowing she wasn’t ready to be a mom, Lulu got an abortion, and Dillon accepted her decision. Ned arranged for Dillon to work for his favorite director on a movie shoot in Hollywood, and feeling there was nothing left for him in Port Charles, he moved to California.

Dillon returned for the funeral of his cousin, Emily Quartermaine, and then again a month later to visit Georgie. Tragically, Georgie, like Emily, was murdered by the Text Message Killer (who was really Diego!) and Dillon went back to California alone.

Why did Dillon Return to GH?

In 2015, Dillon returned to Port Charles to try and stop Tracy from marrying Luke Spencer. After she pleaded her case, he agreed to support whatever decision she made. Dillon went to Canada with Lulu to help her rescue her brothers, Lucky and Ethan, from Frank Smith. Dillon’s old feelings for Lulu resurfaced, and he wrote a movie script that was a thinly veiled fantasy of a love story between the two of them. He pulled Lulu into a kiss, but she protested and insisted she loved her husband, Dante Falconeri. He also tried dating Lulu’s cousin Valerie Spencer (who had a thing for Dante!) to take his mind off her, but that obviously didn’t work out.

General Hospital Kiki Dillon
Dillon and Kiki’s romance got off to a rocky start…Howard Wise/

Why did Dillon leave?

Dillon befriended Kiki Jerome, but nothing really happened between them until after her boyfriend, Morgan Corinthos, died suddenly. It was an awkward start to a relationship, but Dillon supported Kiki through her grief and the two developed a solid foundation and grew to love each other. Unfortunately, happiness can sometimes be the kiss of death on a soap opera, and Dillon didn’t do much else aside from act as best man at his brother, Ned Ashton’s, wedding and take photographs for Crimson. And then he left town when he got a job working on a movie in California!

But as a member of one of the core families in Port Charles, hopefully, he’ll be back one day. Stay tuned to the show to see what happens next!

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