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Diego on GENERAL HOSPITAL — Everything You Need to Know

Diego Alcazar on GENERAL HOSPITAL was a troubled young man who turned tremendously dark in the end. If you need a refresher on either period in his life, we’ve got you covered! The character first appeared in October 2004 and was played by Ignacio Serricchio until his death in November 2006. Or should we say presumed death, because he was back on GH for a brief but pivotal run in 2008!

After being taken in as a foster child by Courtney Matthews, a teenage Diego began acting out with Brook Lynn Ashton and learned his father was arms dealer Lorenzo Alcazar. Also, Maria Sanchez, who he’d grown up believing to be his sister, was actually his mother! Diego soon began living with his father and following him into a life of crime. Diego broke up with Brook Lynn because he was smitten with Maxie Jones, but it turned out he was the stalker who had been drugging Port Charles University girls and taking photos of them!

GH Diego Georgie
Diego loved Georgie but in the end was the one who killed her.ABC/Scott Garfield

Diego insisted he was simply taking revenge on the people he blamed for the death of his cousin, Sage Alcazar. Lorenzo turned his son in, but Diego escaped from the police station and took Georgie Jones hostage. In the end, Diego was brought to justice and sent to prison. When he was released months later, Diego returned to Port Charles and began a relationship with Georgie, who had been writing to him while he was in prison. He teamed up with Lulu Spencer to help break up Georgie and Dillon Quartermaine, and while it worked, Georgie soon found out what they’d done and was upset. In November 2006, Diego worked with his father to frame Sam McCall, Jason Morgan, and Damian Spinelli, and when Sam shot Diego in self-defense and he was presumed dead.

However, in the fall of 2007, the Text Message Killer was terrorizing Port Charles, murdering Emily Quartermaine and Georgie and attempting to kill Carly, Alexis, and Sam. During the attempt on Sam’s life, it was revealed that the serial killer was Diego! He explained that his father had saved his life and moved him to South America but couldn’t join him there because Sam and Jason had killed him. So he was taking revenge by killing the people they loved before killing them himself. Unfortunately, while he’d intended to lure Maxie to her death, Georgie showed up instead and once she realized who he was, Diego was forced to kill her.

GH Emily Diego
Emily met her final fate at the Black and White Ball.ABC/Ron Tom

After a series of cat-and-mouse chases that also got Liz and Nadine kidnapped, Nikolas Cassadine tracked Diego to his hideout and confronted him. Diego captured Maxie and tried to strangle her, but she stabbed him and Nikolas attacked. As Diego fell into a dangling rope, his attempt to escape led to a fatal fall as he hung himself to death.

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