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What Happened to Levi on GENERAL HOSPITAL

Plenty of people would rather forget about Levi on GENERAL HOSPITAL, not the least of which would be Maxie! But if you’re curious about the history of this particular villain, we’ve got you covered. The character was first introduced to GH in April 2014 and was played by Australian actor Zachary Garred until his violent exit in September of that same year.

Levi Dunkleman arrived in Port Charles along with Maxie Jones, who brought him home with her after the spiritual guru helped her get her life back together. He immediately clashed with her roommate, Nathan West, and her father, Mac Scorpio, though he was able to charm her mom, Felicia. Levi disapproved when Maxie attempted to regain custody of her daughter, Georgie, at Nathan’s advice. When she lost custody again, it was revealed that Levi had tipped off the judge that Nathan had lied on her behalf about missing a court date.

GH Nathan Maxie Levi
Nathan had Levi’s number right from the start!Todd Wawrychuk/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

After urging Maxie to join him in protesting the ELQ development of the waterfront, Levi spent the night in jail after Michael had them arrested. Learning his visa had expired, Levi feared deportation and framed Nathan by calling immigration from his phone. This successfully drove a wedge between him and Maxie as she kicked him out of the apartment. In order to keep him from being deported, Maxie planned to marry Levi, though when a piece of Felicia’s Aztec jewelry went missing shortly before the wedding, Nathan found it on the groom-to-be!

Levi knocked Nathan out and tied him up, intending to go through with the wedding but Dante rescued Nathan and they were able to interrupt the ceremony. The immigration officer, Scribner, turned out to be Levi’s accomplice and they kidnapped Maxie and Lulu Spencer. Hiding out in a cabin in the woods, Scribner assumed they would release the women once they’d fenced the Aztec jewels, but Levi shot him and took off with Maxie and Lulu. In the hospital, the dying Scribner revealed that Levi’s real name was Peter Harrell, Jr., the son of Felicia’s ex-fiancé. It also turned out that Levi was working for Victor Cassadine, and when Dante and Nathan cornered Levi in the cabin, Victor’s men gassed the entire place and took off with them all! 

GH Maxie Nathan
Levi was stabbed in the back… literally!ABC

At the Chrichton-Clark Clinic, Victor reminded an angry Peter that he was his boss and was more concerned with Lulu. Maxie slipped away and Levi found her in a room where his father, Peter Harrell, was alive and recovering. Peter Sr. wanted to kill Maxie himself with the dagger made from the Aztec jewels, but Nathan burst in and shot him first. Furious, Levi fought with Nathan, and just as he got the gun away from him and intended to take revenge, Maxie stabbed him in the back with the dagger, killing him. Levi and his father’s bodies were both presumably destroyed when the clinic later exploded.

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