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What Happened to Charlotte on GENERAL HOSPITAL


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Charlotte Cassadine has been nothing but trouble on GENERAL HOSPITAL since she was first born, but now the little girl is causing it on purpose! With the kid’s complicated history, some fans may still be confused about exactly who her parents are and where she came from, so we’re here to clear it all up. Charlotte first appeared in October 2016 played by young actress Scarlett Fernandez, who continued to portray the bad seed as she grew up on screen until she announced her exit from the soap in December 2021. In the Dec. 21 episode, Amelie McLain made her debut in the role. But in the April 10, 2023, episode of GH, AnaSofia Bianchi had taken over. However, that was just for the one episode and viewers were surprised in July 2023 to see Fernandez back as Charlotte for a big new storyline!

Charlotte was first glimpsed in September of 2016 when Claudette Beaulieu revealed to Nathan West that she had given birth to a daughter shortly after their relationship ended. However, there was still a chance that her other former lover, Dr. Griffin Monroe, could be the father of her little girl. After a DNA test revealed that Nathan was Charlotte’s father, he insisted on seeing his daughter, but Claudette was afraid to reveal the child’s whereabouts.

General Hospital Valentin Charlotte
“Are you my Daddy?”XJJohnson/

Pushed, Claudette admitted that she was trying to protect Charlotte from another of her exes, Valentin Cassadine. But it was eventually revealed that Valentin was actually Charlotte’s true father, and later, that Claudette had only carried the child as a surrogate. The egg had come from Lulu Spencer, making Lulu and Valentin Charlotte’s biological parents!

Charlotte bonded with Nina Reeves and was thrilled when the woman married Valentin and became her stepmother. Especially since Valentin had reported that Claudette had died (though later evidence proved otherwise). After Charlotte got upset because she was missing her mommy, Lulu confided to the girl that she was actually her real mother. This didn’t go over well, and just confused and upset Charlotte even more.

General Hospital Charlotte Lulu
Lulu has the worst timing.Michael Yada/ABC

Valentin hired Nora Buchanan to sue for custody of Charlotte, and Lulu had Diane argue her side of the case. The judge ruled that Valentin would receive sole custody and Lulu would be given supervised visitation rights. Over time, Charlotte finally began to accept Lulu as her mother, but then Valentin nearly ruined everything when he tried to escape the long arm of the law and brought his daughter along as he went on the run!

With Valentin headed to prison, Dante Falconeri and Lulu were granted temporary custody of Charlotte and she became a part of the family, getting to know her brother, Rocco, and grandma, Olivia. After Valentin was released from prison, he tried to make things right and reached an understanding with Lulu so they could share custody.

General Hospital Aiden Charlotte
Charlotte is in need of some serious parental guidance.ABC

Charlotte was upset when Nina split up with Valentin and refused to take him back, but she assured the little girl she would remain a part of her life. All that family turmoil could help explain her behavior in school where she was verbally bullying her cousin, Aiden Spencer, and even being disrespectful towards adults. Lulu blamed her attitude on Nina’s influence, and it caused a lot of drama among Charlotte’s guardians. The girl did brighten back up when Valentin won Nina back and they planned to get married. She was also introduced to her “older sister” Sasha, not realizing that she was lying about being Nina’s daughter!

Spotting the presumed-dead Nikolas Cassadine lurking around Wyndemere, he lied that her father hired him to be her secret bodyguard and she later tried to prove his existence to a skeptical Rocco by jumping into the water at the docks. When her “bodyguard” didn’t show and Dustin rescued her from the water, Charlotte was treated at the hospital and the incident sparked another argument about custody between Lulu and Valentin. Insisting she didn’t have an imaginary friend, Charlotte showed Laura a photo of her bodyguard, who happened to be her son, who was supposed to be dead!

GH Nina Charlotte
Nina assured Charlotte she loved her no matter what.XJJohnson/

Charlotte was happy that Nina was going to become her mother again, not realizing that the New Year’s Eve celebration was all a plot to destroy Valentin at the altar. The girl was again heartbroken and began acting out in small ways against the adults around her like leaving her school bag for Jax to trip over. And the little troublemaker put a snake into Ava’s purse at Violet‘s birthday party to get back at her!

When Valentin tried to step away from Charlotte for her own good, she lashed out at Nina, blaming her for everything. And after she told Lulu how she didn’t like the way she treated Valentin, Charlotte’s parents agreed to work together to raise her better. In the spring of 2021, Charlotte moved into the Quartermaine mansion with her dad as Brook Lynn Quartermaine was having his daughter. Unfortunately, by the end of the year, they moved back out when it turned out he wasn’t the babydaddy after all. Though Charlotte did come along with her father to visit Bailey so she could give her the gift she’d bought even though she wasn’t really her sister.

The following year, Charlotte went off to boarding school, but Valentin worried about his daughter, because Victor Cassadine was using her as leverage to force him to do his bidding! Valentin eventually managed to score a visit with his daughter where he managed to rescue her with Laura’s help. However, once back in Port Charles, Charlotte worried when her father went missing, and she knew Victor was to blame! Thankfully, Felicia brought Charlotte to the safe house where Valentin was hiding, and they enjoyed an emotional reunion (where Valentin also warned his daughter not to confront Victor herself again!).

In July 2023, Dante took Charlotte to visit Lulu at the rehab facility where she talked to her mother about recent events in her life and begged her mother to come back to them. She later urged Dante not to let the house where he and Lulu used to live sit empty anymore so he sold it to Maxie.

GH Anna Valentin Charlotte
Charlotte would do anything to keep Anna away from her Papa!ABC

Charlotte began spending time with Jake Spencer and it was revealed that Charlotte had sneaked into Anna Devane’s hotel room at The Metro Court and Valentin suspected her of trashing Anna’s things and also burning down her house! Secretly, Charlotte looked at a deck of tarot cards that Victor had gifted her and in his letter, urged her to protect her father from Anna. She was thrilled when Valentin brought her to their new house, but not as happy at the idea of Anna moving in with them. Although she insisted everything was fine, Charlotte agreed to talk to Kevin Collins at the hospital, and after their session, he was also worried about her behavior. On Halloween, the teen stole Anna’s keys to Maxie’s apartment, which she was subletting, and broke in. Unfortunately, when Anna returned home, she pulled her gun on the intruder and when Charlotte turned around with her flashlight in her hand, Anna thought it was a weapon and shot first!

Thankfully, Charlotte survived, and when she recovered, continued to insist that Anna was a danger to Valentin and herself. While she confessed to Nina that she’d trashed Anna’s hotel room and spray-painted on her house, she denied setting fire to her home. When Anna attempted to visit the girl and explain what had happened, Charlotte freaked out and Valentin ordered Anna to stay away. Back home, Charlotte was horrified when her Papa believed she’d torched Anna’s house because she’d been brainwashed by Victor! Kevin later overheard Charlotte calling her scar a battle wound and saw her admiring a necklace Victor gave her that used to belong to Helena. 

However, all of that fell by the wayside as Robert Scorpio informed Valentin that the DA’s office wouldn’t press charges against Charlotte in exchange for her accepting community service, probation, and court-ordered therapy, which Valentin found ridiculous. However, some deal must have been struck because in April 2024, Valentin informed Anna that Charlotte had returned to boarding school in Switzerland because she wanted to get away from the drama in Port Charles.

Stay tuned to GH to see if she comes home again!

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