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What Happened to Cesar Faison on GENERAL HOSPITAL


Cesar Faison is one of GENERAL HOSPITAL’s most legendary bad guys! The character was first introduced in 1990 as a DVX agent and was played by actor Anders Hove, although Ian Buchanan and Anthony Geary both took on the role briefly when he was in disguise as their GH characters. The supervillain made sporadic appearances in the years that followed, though his reigns of terror were usually quite short, lasting anywhere from a few months to a year or so at a time. His stints were from 1990-92, 1999-2000, 2012-14, and his final appearance in 2018 when he met a violent end.

Cesar Faison was introduced as Anna Devane’s former employer at the DVX. He had Felicia Jones kidnapped and led Frisco Jones and Sean Donely on a chase through Paris. Obsessed with Anna, Faison threatened to reveal her shady past to her daughter, Robin Scorpio, if she didn’t agree to marry him. Later, he poisoned Tiffany Hill and Susan Hornsby while mind controlling Anna and Robert, but was believed dead in an explosion. However, Faison resurfaced in 1999 as “Herr Kreig,” a jewel thief who had been secretly working with Luke Spencer. He joined forces with Helena Cassadine to torment the Spencer family, but was again presumed dead when Helena blew up his boat!

GH Robin and Faison - JPI
Robin awoke to quite a shock when Duke peeled off his face!Paul Skipper/

In 2012, it appeared that Duke Lavery was plotting to steal Sonny’s fortune and shot Jason Morgan in the back before pushing his body into the harbor. But when Robin, who was being held captive in a Swiss hospital, began to realize that Duke wasn’t acting right, he revealed that he was actually Faison in an elaborate mask! Disguised as Duke, the villain was finally able to get close to Anna, who was absolutely horrified when she eventually discovered who she had really been kissing!

Dr. Leisl Obrecht arrived in Port Charles and revealed that Faison is the father of her daughter, Dr. Britt Westbourne. After Britt gave birth, Obrecht broke Faison out of prison so they could take their grandson away. After the infant was safely rescued, Robert had to talk Anna out of killing Faison to put an end to his reign of terror once and for all. While they let everyone believe the villain was dead, they’d actually imprisoned him on Spoon Island. Obrecht was thrilled to be reunited with him, and he claimed to finally be over his obsession with Anna.

GH Obrecht and Faison - JPI
Obrecht was as obsessed with Faison as he was with Anna!Paul Skipper/

Faison also later masqueraded as Luke and tried to kill Julian Jerome, but was arrested. As he was being transported to Pentonville, his transport was attacked by Helena’s men. The Cassadine had arranged for Faison to be able to go on the run with his family, but Obrecht chose to stay in Port Charles with her son, Nathan West, who had been shot. So Faison and Britt left town by themselves.

In 2017, as she was digging for dirt on Valentin Cassadine, Anna questioned Obrecht, hoping she or Faison might know something. While Obrecht refused to help, insisting on immunity for Faison and Britt so they could return to Port Charles, she later secretly called her lover to ask him about Valentin. Then, in January 2018, Faison showed up in the flesh and abducted Obrecht, taunting her about what he was going to do to Nathan, who he now knew was his son she was trying to hide from him. After attacking Anna and Finn, Faison found Lulu Spencer trying to free Obrecht, so he trapped her as well.

Faison then went to the Metro Court to hold Peter August hostage at gunpoint. When Maxie Jones interrupted, Peter tried to shoot Faison, but got shot himself. Faison then took Maxie hostage and as he dragged the pregnant woman towards the elevators, her husband, Nathan, showed up and Faison shot him point-blank in the chest! Peter revealed he’d been wearing a bulletproof vest and forced Faison to release Maxie. On his way out of the building, Faison tried to take Carly Corinthos hostage, but was shot by Jason.

GH Peter Faison
Peter’s bedside manner is terrible!ABC

Peter visited Faison in the hospital to reveal that he was really his son, Heinrik, and the villain had killed the wrong son. When Faison struggled to breathe, Peter kept him from calling for help, leading to his ultimate demise. Since his brain was removed and dissected, it seems unlikely that Faison could ever return to Port Charles for another reign of terror, but with soaps, you never know!

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