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What Happened to Frisco on GENERAL HOSPITAL


Frisco Jones hasn’t been on GENERAL HOSPITAL in quite some time, so it’s understandable if some viewers might need a refresher on the guy’s history in Port Charles. The character was introduced in January 1984 and was played by Jack Wagner, who appeared on and off until 1995, though he did pop back in to GH in 2013 when the soap celebrated its 50th anniversary.

Andrew “Frisco” Jones, Jr. first arrived in Port Charles to be the lead singer of Blackie and the Riff Raff, though the band eventually disbanded when Blackie Parrish was sent to prison. After his vocal chords were damaged, he fell for his speech therapist, Tania Roskov. However, he soon found himself drawn to Felicia Cummings, and Tania moved on with his brother, Tony Jones. As Frisco and Felicia fell in love the couple also teamed up with Robert Scorpio and Holly Sutton to search for an Aztec treasure. (Felicia was an Aztec princess, you see…) 

GH Tania Frisco
After Frisco lost interest, Tania moved on to his brother!ABC Photo Archives/ABC via Getty Images

Frisco and Felicia moved in together and he went undercover in the Asian Quarter to help Robert and Sean Donley stop Mr. Wu’s reign of terror. This inspired Frisco to join the police academy, and on his graduation day, he and Felicia also tied the knot! Frisco investigated various crimes around Port Charles and eventually went on the run with Felicia to help clear her name. Although promoted to detective with the PCPD, Frisco joined the World Security Bureau in 1987 and left town for work, later being presumed dead in an explosion.

Frisco’s “death” was the result of his investigation into terrorist activities, and he sent the information to Felicia in a music box that could only be unlocked with her wedding ring. Although the terrorists attempted to stop her, the secrets were revealed and the villains arrested by the WSB. Felicia was heartbroken to learn of Frisco’s death and began seeing Lucy’s cousin, Colton Shore, who she didn’t know was involved in her husband’s disappearance. Frisco resurfaced very much alive, but was crushed to find out she’d married Colton, the man who was programmed to kill him.

GH Felicia Frisco
Felicia and Frisco had a roller coaster romance.ABC Photo Archives/ABC via Getty Images

Naturally, Felicia reunited with Frisco and they were remarried in 1990. While on their European honeymoon, she was kidnapped by Cesar Faison and Frisco teamed with Sean to rescue her. Upset that Frisco wanted to rejoin the WSB, a pregnant Felicia ran home to Texas but returned when Frisco was shot. The couple welcomed their daughter, Maxie Jones, but the family was torn apart when Frisco was unable to resist the siren call of adventure at the WSB. 

Felicia filed for divorce and Frisco kept traveling the globe on various assignments, though he returned to Port Charles when Maxie was in need of a heart transplant. Felicia was engaged to Mac Scorpio, but as Frisco comforted her, old feelings resurfaced and they slept together. After Frisco left town, Felicia learned she was pregnant again and in 1995, gave birth to their daughter, Georgie Jones. Frisco came home wanting to spend time with his girls, but Felicia urged him to go back to saving the world until he was ready to give it up for good.

GH Frisco Maxie
Maxie couldn’t convince her dad to stay after Felicia pushed him away.Paul Skipper/

With Frisco off on missions, Mac raised Maxie and Georgie as his own daughters, even after Felicia left town herself. When Georgie was murdered by the Text Message Killer, Felicia returned to Port Charles for the funeral. In 2013, Frisco came home again to try and repair his relationship with Maxie and rekindle things with Felicia. Maxie asked him to stay, but when Felicia rejected him, Frisco left town. He was mentioned again in 2014 when it was revealed he was the new head of the WSB.

Might Frisco ever return to Port Charles again? You never know, so keep watching!

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