Wiley on GENERAL HOSPITAL — Everything You Need to Know

Wiley Cooper-Jones on GENERAL HOSPITAL is really Jonah Corinthos, but that’s just the start of the confusion in this complicated baby-switching storyline. As the twists and turns have piled up, some viewers found themselves more than a little confused about all of the details, so let us break things down for you in the hopes of clearing up some misconceptions! (By the way, the toddler is currently played by adorable twins Erik and Theo Olsen.)

Happily married Brad Cooper and Lucas Jones decided to start a family and began the process of adopting a baby. When the infant was finally born, the new parents were overjoyed to take him in and named him Wiley. But when Brad brought the baby home for the first time, Wiley passed away of SIDS in his crib. The distraught father packed the infant up in the car and drove towards the hospital but stopped on the side of the road to collect himself. Then Nelle Benson appeared, having just given birth to the baby she and Michael Corinthos were expecting, and offered Brad a swap.

Overwhelmed with grief, Brad agreed to take Nelle’s baby and decided to pass it off as the same one that he and Lucas had just adopted. Meanwhile, Nelle was found by the authorities and claimed her baby was stillborn, breaking Michael’s heart. With Nelle in prison, Michael grieved on his own, and found himself drawn to Wiley, not realizing that the boy is really his own son who he had posthumously named Jonah.

General Hospital Lucas Wiley Brad
Living with the lie was tearing Brad apart!ABC

When Brad and Lucas learned that the birth mother of the baby they had originally adopted wanted the baby back, Brad was terrified his deception would be exposed, so he secretly confided to Lucas’ father, Julian Jerome. But he only told him that the birth mother’s son died and lied that he came upon a homeless woman who begged him to take her baby. Julian stepped in to convince the birth mother, Willow Tait, to back off. And to complicate matters further, Willow confessed that the baby’s father was Shiloh, the leader of the Dawn of Day cult!

Even worse, Michael continued to bond with Wiley, even becoming the boy’s godfather (Sam McCall was named godmother), not aware that he’s his own son. Willow also continued to see the boy, eventually becoming Wiley’s nanny. And when Julian finally put two and two together and realized that Wiley was really Michael’s son, he was furious and wanted Brad out of his son’s life so badly that he tampered with the brakes on his car!

GH Brad Wiley Nelle Michael
Brad couldn’t keep the truth hidden forever.XJJohnson/

Knowing that they were raising Michael’s son and Willow had no idea that her baby was actually dead had Brad consumed with guilt and he finally decided to blurt out his confession that Wiley was really Nelle and Michael’s son as Lucas was driving. Tragically, the brakes on the car failed and after the crash, Lucas was stuck in a coma. Meanwhile, Nelle got out on parole and wormed her way back into her son’s life, determined to get him back and run away with him.

Brad thought he might be in the clear when Lucas came out of the coma with no memory of the big confession, but as they planned to move to Portland with Wiley, Lucas’ memories came back and he remembered the truth about Wiley’s parentage! Brad was forced to explain and Nelle tried to kidnap her son but both of them were arrested and locked up. Heartbroken, Lucas gave Wiley back to Michael, who took him home to the Quartermaine mansion and tried to figure out a way to retain custody of the child while keeping Nelle as far away as possible. When Wiley fell ill, Michael rushed him to the hospital where he learned that the boy required heart surgery just like Michael did when he was young. Unfortunately, Nelle refused to sign off on the invasive procedure and they had to fake her signature!

Furious, Nelle vowed to fight for custody of her son, and Michael scrambled to figure out a way to keep Wiley away from her. He thought about marrying Sasha, but Diane warned that Sasha’s checkered history wouldn’t help. So Sasha and Chase decided to “help out” by pretending to be having an affair to push Michael and Willow together to marry and make a family for Wiley a judge couldn’t resist. But while Michael and Willow married to present a happy family for the judge to pick, Nelle blackmailed Julian into marrying her to do the same thing!

Stay tuned to GH to see what happens next to this poor kid!

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