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What Happened to Lucas on GENERAL HOSPITAL


The character hasn’t been seen in quite a while, so it’s understandable that some viewers might be wondering who is Lucas Jones on GENERAL HOSPITAL? Well, we’re here to fill you in, or just refresh your memories!

Who plays Lucas on GH?

After a series of child actors, the character suffered a case of SORAS in 2002 and Evan Bonifant took over the role briefly before being replaced by C.J. Thomason. Then Ryan Carnes stepped in to play Lucas in 2004, but he left in 2005 to be replaced by Ben Hogestyn, who stayed until 2006. In 2014, the character returned to GH with Carnes once again in the role. Although in November 2020, Matt Trudeau took over playing the role with no announcement from ABC, and he made a few appearances in 2020 and early 2021. Then it was announced that Carnes would reprise the role for special episodes in January 2024.

Who are Lucas’ parents?

The son of mobster Julian Jerome and Cheryl Stansbury, Lucas was the center of a bitter custody dispute shortly after his birth. Desperate for a baby, Bobbie Spencer bought one on the black market, but when the truth about the child came out, she had to return Lucas to Cheryl, who had thought her baby had died. When Cheryl died in a car accident, her sister, Tiffany Hill, and her husband, Sean Donley, took in the little boy. But in her will, Cheryl had left custody of Lucas to Bobbie and Tony Jones. In the end, Bobbie and Tony were awarded custody of Lucas and officially adopted him in 1993.

When did Lucas come out as gay?

As a teenager, Lucas became close with his adopted cousins, Maxie and Georgie. After helping Lucas figure out he was dyslexic, Georgie developed a crush on the young hunk, but he was more interested in Maxie. He and Georgie attended prom together, but Maxie schemed to get Georgie to see them making out, which ruined everything. After a brief stay in boarding school, Lucas returned and started dating Brook Lynn Ashton. However, that didn’t really pan out, and they split up. In 2005, Lucas confessed to his family and friends that he was gay. After dating his high school friend, Guy Tucker, Lucas eventually moved to Seattle.

In 2014, Lucas returned to Port Charles having attended medical school and began working as a doctor at General Hospital. He was upset to find out that his father, Julian, was alive and well, and wanted nothing to do with the mobster. He enjoyed a fling with Brad Cooper, but that relationship hit a massive snag when he found out that Brad was scheming with Britt to deceive Dante and Lulu. Although Julian initially disapproved of Lucas’s homosexuality, he eventually made the effort to try and form a relationship with his son.

General Hospital Julian Lucas
Lucas reconciled with his father in time for Julian’s wedding to Alexis, but it didn’t last long!Howard Wise/

Unfortunately, during a dinner where Julian was planning to announce to his family that he was leaving the mob, his enemies hired someone to sneak into the art gallery as a waiter. Lucas was shot and nearly died as a result! Brad and Felix DuBois both fought over who would take care of the hunk in the hospital. While recovering, Lucas comforted Felix who was upset over the death of his friend Sabrina’s baby. Brad saw this and got jealous, but Lucas urged him to take it easy.

When did Lucas and Brad marry?

In 2015, Brad proposed to Lucas, but they hit a roadblock when it was revealed that Brad was actually technically already married! He and Rosalie Martinez had been forced to tie the knot years ago to avoid going to jail. Thankfully, they got a divorce so that Brad and Lucas could marry on June 13, 2016. However, after Julian nearly killed Alexis, Lucas once again cut his father out of his life.

General Hospital Brad Lucas
Brad and Lucas are an odd couple, but they made it work!ABC/Rick Rowell

As Julian has turned to legitimate business and kept his nose clean, Lucas has slowly grown closer with his father, but still won’t allow him to be a part of his grandson’s life. Yes, Lucas and Brad adopted a baby boy and he promised the birth mother that Julian wouldn’t be involved in the child’s life. Unfortunately, Lucas was unaware that Wiley tragically died in his crib shortly after being brought home, and in his grief, Brad swapped babies with Nelle, who had just given birth to her child with Michael! 

How did Lucas almost die?

As Brad scrambled to maintain his lie, enlisting Julian to help, Lucas began to investigate Wiley’s origins. Believing Willow Tait to be the boy’s birth mother, he offered to let her be a part of his life, but she was terrified that would lead his birth father, Shiloh, straight to him. Once the Dawn of Day cult leader was out of the picture, Lucas then began to wonder why Brad was acting so twitchy about everything. Brad tried to cover his tracks but ultimately confessed to him that the baby they were raising was really Michael and Nelle’s! Unfortunately, Julian was trying to get Brad out of his son’s life by tampering with his brakes, and as Lucas reeled from the shocking confession, he crashed their car! Lucas’ loved ones worried as he was put into a medically-induced coma so he could recover from his extensive injuries, and waited desperately for him to wake up.

GH Sasha Michael Brad Carly Lucas
When Lucas got his memories back, that was it for Brad!XJJohnson/

Everyone was relieved when Lucas regained consciousness, especially Brad as he didn’t seem to remember details of the accident — like his confession! Unfortunately, Lucas’ memories eventually returned and Brad had to fess up to the baby swap. Lucas was heartbroken by his husband’s betrayal and tearfully handed Wiley over to his real father, Michael.

With Brad in prison for the baby swap, Lucas threw himself back into work at the hospital. And he could barely look at his husband when Brad was brought in for treatment after being stabbed in prison. Later, Lucas asked Felix out for a drink and briefly found himself drawn into Brook Lynn’s pregnancy drama.

Lucas resurfaced in January 2024 when Bobbie passed away.

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