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Jackie Templeton on GENERAL HOSPITAL — Everything You Need to Know

The character of Jackie Templeton on GENERAL HOSPITAL wasn’t on for long but many longtime fans of the soap won’t forget her character because she was portrayed by actress Demi Moore, who went on to become quite the movie star! Her run on GH lasted from January 1982 until April 1984 but in October 2020, the character resurfaced in Port Charles played by ALL MY CHILDREN’s beloved Jenny, Kim Delaney! It’s been a while since Jackie was on the canvas, so if you need a refresher, we’ve got you covered!

Luke Spencer was concerned when his love, Laura Webber, went missing, but when another blonde, Laura Templeton, also disappeared, he joined forces with her older sister, Jackie Templeton, to get to the bottom of things. A tough, no-nonsense reporter from New York City, Jackie began investigating and discovered the name “Mr. D. Grey” was connected to the disappearances.

The villainous David Grey had hypnotized Laura T. into stealing for him and Jackie eventually caught her sister pilfering from a department store. She gave chase, but was knocked off a bridge by some roller skaters and lost her sister. Fortunately, however, Luke rescued her and sparks flew.

GH Robert Jsckie
Jackie couldn’t compete with Holly where Robert was concerned. Maybe it was the accent?Getty

David sent Luke and his friends on a series of wild goose chases before finally setting Laura T. free. Jackie was thrilled to have her sister back safe and sound but continued to put her own life in jeopardy helping Luke and the rest of the gang track down David. After a final showdown that left the villain dead, Robert Scorpio admitted that he’d fallen for Jackie and asked her to stay in Port Charles with her sister. Jackie agreed, taking a job at the Port Charles Herald.

Unfortunately, Jackie’s relationship with Robert became strained when Luke brought Holly Sutton into their lives. After Luke was presumed dead, Robert consoled the beautiful Brit, making Jackie so jealous she broke up with him. Worse still, Robert married Holly so she could stay in the country! Next, Jackie found herself caught up in the Susan Moore murder mystery when she was the one who stumbled upon the woman’s dead body. By 1984, there was nothing left for Jackie in Port Charles and she chose to leave town to seek her fortune elsewhere.

GH Jackie Chase Finn
Not everyone was happy to see Jackie again!ABC

In September 2020, Robert was stunned to run into Jackie at the Metro Court, and even more so to discover that she was Harrison Chase‘s mother and Hamilton Finn‘s stepmother! Jackie explained she was back in Port Charles for a story — helping Lulu Spencer dig up dirt to take down Cyrus Renault — but also wanted to reconnect with her son. Unfortunately, while Chase was happy to see her, Finn continued to act icy towards his stepmother.

With Jackie taking a job working for Peter August, Robert hoped she would help him take down Faison’s son. But she only promised to run a story if she found one. When Finn confronted Jackie, it was revealed that they’d grown close while she shadowed him for a story and the pair had actually slept together the night before she married Gregory Chase! She was willing to call off the wedding if Finn admitted his feelings, but he wouldn’t.

GH Finn Jackie
Jackie wanted Finn to leave the past alone.ABC

Jackie began working all over town, interviewing Sasha about her drug addiction and helping Valentin locate Florence Grey, but she remained preoccupied with Finn’s suspicions that he was Chase’s father, not Gregory! She begged him to leave it alone but he wouldn’t.

Stay tuned to see what happens next!

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