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Who Was Blair Cramer on GH and OLTL?


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With Blair coming back to GENERAL HOSPITAL, some fans might need a refresher on the character, especially since they may not have watched her on ONE LIFE TO LIVE where she originated. Blair Cramer was introduced on OLTL in 1991 and was originally played by Mia Korf until 1993 when Kassie DePaiva stepped in and continued to play the role through to the soap’s final episode on ABC in 2012 and then again in the short-lived online revival in 2013. In between, DePaiva made guest appearances on GH in 2012 then again in September 2023.

Originally going by the last name Daimler, Blair arrived in Llanview looking for revenge on Dorian Lord. She blamed Dorian for the mental illness of her mother, Addie Cramer, and although she fell for Max Holden, Blair wanted to marry wealthy Asa Buchanan so she would have the money needed to destroy Dorian and care for her mother. Blair slept with Max the night before marrying Asa, and the wedding didn’t last long… even after she faked being pregnant. When Asa discovered he’d been used, the argument resulted in him having a heart attack and Blair left him to die (thankfully, his ex-wife, Renee, found him)! Receiving nothing in the divorce settlement, Blair stole money from Dorian’s safe and skipped town.

In 1993, Vicki Lord and Sloan Carpenter tracked Blair down in Florida to get her to admit to tricking Dorian into signing a confession that she’d murdered Victor Lord. Back in Llanview, Blair tried to split up Max and Luna Moody, and accidentally hit her with her car. When Luna was temporarily paralyzed, Max realized his true feelings and dumped Blair. Cord Roberts consoled her and they sparked a brief fling.

OLTL Todd Blair meet
Outcasts Todd and Blair had a lot in common!Ann Limongello/ABC

Blair later bonded with fellow town pariah Todd Manning, and they slept together. When she learned he was the secret Lord heir, Blair immediately set her sights on marrying him so she could have money to pay for her mother’s care. She pretended to be pregnant with his baby to get him to tie the knot, and then fell in love with him and actually became pregnant. Tragically, she lost the baby and when Todd found out she wasn’t pregnant when they married, he was furious. Although she discovered she was pregnant again, Todd still annulled their marriage.

Blair and Todd eventually remarried, but he was shot and presumed dead while trying to help Marty Saybrooke’s love, Patrick Thornhart evade a terrorist group in Ireland. Blair gave birth to Todd’s daughter, Starr Manning, and tried to hurt Marty by seducing Patrick. However, Todd returned and punished his unfaithful wife by fighting for custody of their baby girl. His anger intensified when Blair learned she was pregnant with Patrick’s child. Sadly, the baby was stillborn after Blair was in a car accident caused by her cousin, Kelly Cramer.

The custody battle over Starr grew ugly, and Todd married Téa Delgado to ensure his victory. And after Téa fell out a window while arguing with Blair, he won full custody… for a time. Blair rekindled things with Max, then fell for Sam Rappaport so when Max popped the question she turned him down. When Todd returned to town, he and Blair reunited so when she became pregnant again, she wasn’t sure who was the father. Todd helped deliver the baby boy, named Jack, and believing it was Max’s child, told her the baby was dead. After learning the truth, Todd got the infant back to give to Blair but didn’t tell her it was Jack. After they remarried, Blair learned the truth and they split up again.

When Blair received death threats and had to go into hiding, Todd allowed her to stay at the penthouse so she could see the children and they reunited once more. But at their wedding, Sam revealed that Todd was behind the threats, and she took the kids and left him. Even after Todd rescued her from kidnapper Mitch Lawrence, Blair still pushed him away.

OLTL Blair Todd Victor
Blair didn’t realize that Todd wasn’t really Todd for nearly a decade!Steve Fenn/ABC

When Todd returned with a new face, he paid Blair to marry him so he could get custody of his son with Margaret Cochran, Sam Manning. After a brief marriage to John McBain to get custody of her kids, they divorced. After constant clashing over Todd, Blair and Téa ended their rivalry when the attorney was diagnosed with a brain tumor. 

In 2011, the original Todd returned to Llanview, stunning everyone and it was revealed that the Todd living in town the last eight years was really his twin brother, Victor Lord, Jr. Having just come out of a relationship with Tomas Delgado, Blair wasn’t ready to reunite with Todd, but he eventually won her back. Unfortunately, John then arrested Todd for the murder of Victor Jr. (who no one knew was very much alive)!

Blair traveled to Port Charles when Starr was in a car accident that killed her boyfriend, Cole, and their daughter, Hope. After comforting her daughter, Blair met and bonded with Carly Corinthos before taking Starr back to Llanview. Starr decided to settle in Port Charles and Blair returned for a visit when Starr was hired to sing at the newly reopened The Haunted Star. Todd proposed to Blair but she turned him down because she was engaged to Tomas. 

GH Starr Blair
Blair rushed to Port Charles when her daughter nearly died!Rick Rowell/ABC

Back in Llanview, Blair opened a new club named Shelter, and Victor showed up alive so Todd was finally off the hook for his murder. Todd wanted to reunite with Blair, but she suggested he go back to Port Charles. Although Todd and Blair grew closer, he learned that his family was in serious danger and had to leave town to ensure their safety. But before he did so, Blair secretly married him one more time.

In September 2023, Blair met with Tracy Quartermaine at The Metro Court and it was revealed that she was the one Tracy had been working with to sue Deception over stealing the idea for the Deceptor from her and giving it to Lucy Coe. Martin Grey was horrified to see her there as she was his ex-wife and tried to hide from her, but she saw him and came over to taunt him. He reminded her that she’d had an affair with David Vickers, but she declared she was sick of paying him alimony and vowed that he would pay. (Tracy did convince Lucy to sign over her majority share in Deception in the end!)

Was that the last Port Charles will see of Blair? Who knows what the future might hold?

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