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What Happened to TJ Ashford on GENERAL HOSPITAL


Viewers don’t see TJ Ashford on GENERAL HOSPITAL as often these days, so it’s totally understandable many aren’t aware of his history in Port Charles. The character first appeared in January of 2012 played by Krys Meyer, but by August, the role had been recast with EVERYBODY HATES CHRIS actor Tequan Richmond. But when he eventually went on recurring status with the soap, TJ’s appearances became less and less frequent. And in November of 2018, the role was recast once again with Tajh Bellow stepping into TJ’s shoes.

TJ traveled to Port Charles from Baltimore, MD, to live with Shawn Butler when his mother, Jordan Ashford, couldn’t handle raising him anymore. Shawn was reluctant to take him in but felt guilty because he is the son of one of his military buddies whose death he was partly responsible for. TJ enrolled in Port Charles High and befriended Molly Lansing, who tutored him when she realized he had trouble reading.

General Hospital Molly TJ
Molly came to TJ’s rescue.Howard Wise/

After TJ was arrested for stealing a car, Molly’s mother, Alexis Davis, got the charges dropped, and Shawn hoped Molly would be a good influence on the teen. But instead, TJ turned out to be a bad influence on Molly, throwing a raging party that ended with the house destroyed and Molly passed out with alcohol poisoning. Alexis forbade them from seeing each other, so they had to do it on the down-low, but eventually, JT and Molly convinced her to let them date.

Although Molly insisted they were just friends, TJ was jealous of her relationship with Rafe Kovich, and punched him when she admitted they’d shared a kiss. Molly dumped TJ, who began dating Taylor DuBois. After they slept together, TJ regretted his choice and managed to convince Molly to take him back. The couple also decided that they were ready to have sex for the first time.

TJ was drawn into Shawn’s job in organized crime when he was taken hostage by Carlos Rivera and also witnessed Morgan Corinthos accidentally shooting Max Giambetti. Shawn called Jordan to get her son, but TJ refused to leave Port Charles, so Jordan opted to stay with him in Port Charles. TJ was shocked when his mother was arrested for drug trafficking, and urged Rafe to stop using. When Rafe was killed in a car accident, TJ comforted Molly.

General Hospital TJ Jordan
“Are you even my real mother? I don’t know anything anymore!”Howard Wise/

Things took a turn when Jordan and Shawn confessed to TJ that Shawn actually killed his father, Tommy, in self-defense when he’d discovered they were having an affair. Things got more complicated when Jordan ended up arresting Shawn and revealed that she was actually an undercover cop the whole time. And worse, TJ found out that Shawn was actually his real biological father shortly before the guy was shipped off to prison!

Following that series of explosive revelations, TJ and Jordan’s relationship was obviously strained, but over time they have gotten back to normal. He even approved of her decision to marry Curtis. TJ continued dating Molly and started medical school.

GH Molly TJ
TJ’s romantic proposal did not go as planned!XJJohnson/

Unfortunately, when TJ worked up the nerve to propose to Molly, he was crushed when she turned him down. He disappeared and Jordan received a text saying he needed some time alone, but it was soon revealed that the evil Cyrus Renault had him abducted and beaten to force Jordan into getting him out of prison! After his release, TJ recovered and returned to work at the hospital, though annoyed when Cyrus took over. Molly also agreed to a commitment ceremony, if not a real wedding.

TJ also befriended Brando Corbin, not realizing that while he was abducted, Molly thought he’d left her and slept with the mechanic! Eventually, a guilt-ridden Molly came clean, and as upset as TJ was about her betrayal, he was also angry at his mother for helping push Molly away from him. He lashed out at his mom, but accepted Molly’s apology and agreed to take things one day at a time. After Molly planned a romantic Valentine’s Day, the couple legalized their domestic partnership.

Stella was upset to learn TJ had been visiting Shawn, who was eventually released from prison after his case was reconsidered. TJ treated a mystery patient at the hospital who turned out to be his uncle, Marshall Ashford! Although TJ was disappointed, he wished his father well when Shawn decided to relocate to San Francisco. Beginning work as a doctor at General Hospital, TJ was shaken when he lost his first patient. He also traveled to Brooklyn with Molly searching for Marshall after he’d taken off suddenly and helped to bring him back to Port Charles.

GH Michael TJ Willow
Michael wanted to know why Willow had been spending so much time with TJ.ABC

When Willow Tait was diagnosed with leukemia, she begged TJ not to tell Michael Corinthos, and he reluctantly agreed. However, things got complicated when Nina Reeves saw Willow and TJ in a close moment and jumped to the wrong conclusion. Eventually, Michael caught TJ comforting Willow after she learned her cancer had moved to stage four, and she finally confessed the truth.

After celebrating their anniversary, TJ was surprised to hear that Molly had taken a pregnancy test, and disappointed to learn it was negative. He knew she had a five-year plan for their relationship before they started a family but was happy to hear Molly admit that she also wanted to have a baby.

Stay tuned to GH to see how TJ’s story continues!

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