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What Happened to Jordan on GENERAL HOSPITAL


Jordan Ashford on GENERAL HOSPITAL is one tough cookie, and it’ll take a lot to put her out of commission! The character first appeared in March of 2014 when Vinessa Antoine joined the soap, and when she chose to leave GH in 2018, the role was recast with Briana Nicole Henry. In January 2021, the soap had to temporarily recast with Tiffany Daniels when Henry was diagnosed with COVID-19. Then, in September 2021, Henry confirmed her exit from the soap after just three years. But in February 2022, it was announced that the role had been recast again, this time with Tanisha Harper!

Hoping to reconnect with her son, TJ Ashford, Jordan moved to Port Charles, but the young man was upset to find his mother getting involved with the Jerome crime family and getting arrested for dealing drugs. However, the truth was that Jordan was working undercover with the DEA, and Anna Devane helped her maintain her cover. Jordan started getting close to Shawn Butler, but they kept their relationship quiet because they were working for rival mob bosses. But they did confess to TJ that they had an affair several years ago and that Shawn had killed Jordan’s husband in self-defense when he learned of it.

General Hospital Shawn, TJ, and Jordan
Jordan picked the worst time to tell TJ the truth about his dad.Howard Wise/

Unfortunately, when Shawn was suspected of shooting Hayden Barnes by accident, he was arrested and Jordan confessed the real truth, which was that Shawn was TJ’s real father. This created a rift between mother and son, and she was upset when he moved in with Sonny for a while and was almost shot! Jordan continued working with the Port Charles Police Department, and things were going well until her ex-brother-in-law, Curtis Ashford, showed up in town. He used to be her partner at the DEA but his drug addiction had nearly gotten her killed. He asked for a second chance, but she declined to give him a job.

Jordan began dating Dr. Andre Maddox, and as the psychiatrist helped the PCPD with various cases, their bond grew stronger. But even as she noticed his growing connection with Anna, Andre was concerned about Jordan’s chemistry with Curtis. While working on a case, Jordan and Curtis shared a passionate kiss, but she insisted she was in love with Andre. Unfortunately, when she told the shrink about the indiscretion, Andre dumped her.

GH Stella, Jordan, and Curtis
Stella didn’t want to hear it!XJJohnson/

Eventually, Jordan offered Curtis a job at the PCPD, but he decided to pursue working as a private investigator. The two also finally gave in and admitted their feelings for each other, and even TJ got over his issues with his mom and was happy for the couple. Not happy for them, however, was Curtis’ Aunt Stella. She arrived in town determined to split them up by any means necessary, blaming Jordan for the death of her son. However, she eventually was persuaded to support the couple and even attended Jordan and Curtis’ wedding ceremony.

A cop’s work is never done, especially in Port Charles, and the discovery of Kiki Jerome’s body in their honeymoon suite led Jordan and Curtis to realize a serial killer was loose in town. When Ryan Chamberlain stacked the evidence against Franco, Jordan arrested him but secretly asked him to help her smoke out the real killer. Unfortunately, she was run down when Drew Cain suddenly went blind behind the wheel, leaving her seriously injured and in need of a kidney transplant. Jordan refused to stop trying to bring Ryan to justice and put herself in the hospital, but thankfully, Curtis was able to threaten the serial killer into donating his own kidney to save Jordan’s life!

GH Taggert Jordan
Taggert and Jordan have history!XJJohnson/

Once she got back to work, Jordan’s life was turned upside down again by the mysterious death of some former DEA agents she’d worked with in the past. Then Marcus Taggert returned to Port Charles and it was revealed that they’d all been on the same team and the drug runner they’d put in prison, Cyrus Renault, was out for revenge! After Taggert became another of the villain’s victims, Curtis feared for Jordan’s life next, but Cyrus had other plans for the commissioner. He abducted TJ to use as leverage to force Jordan to help him escape from prison!

Jordan got Cyrus released by claiming that Taggert had manufactured the evidence used to convict him. Trina Robinson lashed out at the commissioner for badmouthing her dad, but that wasn’t the only lie Jordan told — she’d also helped Taggert fake his death to protect his family! When the truth came out, Curtis was upset that Jordan had been lying to him the whole time. TJ was also angry with his mother for making Molly believe he’d abandoned her while he’d been abducted! Jordan was also heartbroken to find her secrets made Curtis want a divorce.

After helping bring Cyrus to justice, Jordan helped Molly Lansing Davis and Martin Grey set a trap for a crooked judge and used that leverage to get Shawn released from prison and Alexis transferred to minimum security. Stella urged Jordan not to give up on her marriage, but Jordan saw Curtis kissing Portia Robinson and signed the divorce papers. But when Jordan and Portia were trapped in a basement and nearly died, Curtis rescued them and it was clear he wasn’t fully over Jordan. Unfortunately, Jordan’s condition was grave and she had to go to Albany for medical treatments in order to recover.

GH Jordan Portia
“Take it from me… Curtis hates secrets!”Christine Bartolucci/ABC

In March 2022, Jordan returned to Port Charles and was reinstated as police commissioner. She soon found herself once again trying to maintain justice in Port Charles but was distracted when she questioned Portia about the comment she’d made about Trina’s father and later realized the doctor didn’t know who her daughter’s father really was. Discovering their divorce was never finalized, Curtis accused Jordan but Stella admitted she’d lost the papers when she’d suffered a stroke and they were never finalized. Once that was all settled and Curtis prepared to marry Portia, Jordan warned the bride-to-be to come clean before a secret destroyed their marriage, too.

As The Hook terrorized Port Charles, Jordan believed the attacks were somehow connected to Trina and worried about her safety. Confronted by Stella, Jordan revealed Portia’s secret and on the wedding day, again urged Portia to confess before it was too late. Unfortunately, after the wedding, Trina confronted her mother who finally confessed and Curtis was angry with Jordan for keeping her secret. On the outs with Portia, Curtis reconnected with Jordan and some close moments led to a kiss, though she knew it was a mistake and let him go. Jordan had a one-night stand with a hot guy she met and was shocked to later discover his name was Zeke Robinson, Portia’s brother!

Having told Zeke about her and Curtis’ kiss when she didn’t know who he was, she begged him not to tell his sister, but of course, he did. Portia confronted Jordan, who insisted it was a mistake, and assured her she had nothing to worry about from her. Jordan also stepped down as police commissioner to accept Laura’s job offer and become the new deputy mayor. 

Stay tuned to see what happens next!

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