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Portia on GENERAL HOSPITAL — Everything You Need to Know

Dr. Portia Robinson on GENERAL HOSPITAL is being played by Brook Kerr, who made her debut in the March 6 episode. Soap fans will remember the actress from her role as Whitney on the NBC sudser PASSIONS. And while Portia is a newly-created character, she’s got history! Here’s what you need to know:

Portia is the mother of Trina Robinson, who had previously mentioned that her mom wasn’t always around. But she showed up when Trina’s father, Marcus Taggert, was killed after rescuing her from kidnappers. Trina was thrilled to see her mother and rushed into her arms, but Portia bristled to see Ava Jerome offering to help during this difficult time and reminded her that she was Trina’s boss, not her mother.

During Taggert’s memorial service, Portia continued to be irritated at Trina’s closeness with Ava and confided to Jordan Ashford that she loved Taggert but the job always came first with him. Then it was Jordan’s turn to worry as it turned out that Portia also had a past with Curtis Ashford.

Jordan wasn’t crazy to learn her husband knew Trina’s mom.ABC

When Curtis expressed his concerns, Portia assured him that despite the math, Taggert was Trina’s father because they’d slept together when he returned from undercover. She also apologized for lying to him that she was single when they had the affair. The doctor later accepted a job at the hospital and began treating patients, like Alexis Davis, who she diagnosed with osteoporosis.

Portia was also stunned to discover that Jordan had helped Taggert fake his death and urged Curtis to forgive his wife for lying to him about it. She also got caught up in the drama as Cyrus Renault terrorized Port Charles and even was held hostage by the villain. After Curtis split up with Jordan, he and Portia grew closer, but he backed away from her kiss and apologized for sending mixed messages. Ultimately, Curtis resisted everyone’s attempts to reunite him with Jordan and instead shared a passionate kiss with Portia at the opening of his new club. Trina wasn’t happy about her mom’s new relationship when she found out that they had a past together. Portia continued dating Curtis and even helped him with an investigation that led to her and Jordan being trapped together in a basement where she admitted she didn’t want to die before Trina knew the truth about her father.

GH Trina Portia
Portia stood by her daughter when Trina was framed for a crime she didn’t commit.ABC/Craig Sjodin

Portia’s relationship with Curtis deepened, and she was there to support him when his father, Marshall Ashford, showed up in Port Charles looking to reconnect with his family. They declared their love for each other and decided to move in together, buying Jax’s old house. And Curtis helped support her and her daughter when Trina was arrested for recording and leaking a sex tape of Josslyn and Cameron. Portia worried that they wouldn’t be able to prove that Esme framed her and Trina would be convicted.

Desperate to help her daughter, Portia risked her medical license by pulling Oz out of his medically induced coma so that he could give a statement against Esme. But in the end, it was Spencer who came through in court to help clear Trina’s name. Portia also happily accepted Curtis’ marriage proposal, but Jordan found out that she was looking into genetic counseling and urged Portia to tell Curtis that Trina might be his daughter before it was too late. Portia insisted she didn’t want to blow up everyone’s lives unnecessarily and wanted to wait until Curtis found out if he had the genetic marker for schizophrenia. Meanwhile, she and Curtis settled on Valentine’s Day for their wedding date and when his health report came back clean, she decided to keep quiet.

Portia was thrilled when her father, Sterling, and her brother, Zeke, both arrived in Port Charles to be part of her big day. But as the bride was preparing for the ceremony, Jordan again reminded her that Curtis doesn’t like being lied to. Portia was shaky but still walked down the aisle and became Curtis’ wife. However, after the wedding, Trina disappeared for a while and returned from visiting Stella to confront her mother about the secret she was keeping. Portia took her daughter aside to confess that Curtis could possibly be her dad. Trina did not take it well, and when she then filled in Curtis and Taggert, they weren’t thrilled either.

GH Portia Curtis wedding
Portia and Curtis’ marriage didn’t get off to a very good start!Christine Bartolucci/ABC

Portia begged Curtis to come home, but he wasn’t sure their marriage could be salvaged. She also feared the worst when Trina’s life was put in danger by her going after Spencer and getting mixed up in Victor Cassadine’s maniacal plot to “save” the world. So Portia made it her mission to get her daughter away from Spencer somehow. Curtis came home to Portia, who was upset when she later learned he and Jordan had shared a kiss. But both agreed it had been a mistake, and Portia continued to work on her marriage. When Curtis was shot at The Metro Court, Portia thought she would lose him, but thankfully, he survived, though he was paralyzed and couldn’t walk.

Portia accepted Terry Randolph’s offer to become the new co-chief of staff at the hospital. She was understandably appalled to learn that Cyrus had been granted a medical leave from prison and had some serious words for the villain. 

Stay tuned to GH to see what happens next!

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