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What Happened to Taggert on GENERAL HOSPITAL


The character of Marcus Taggert on GENERAL HOSPITAL isn’t on very often anymore so it’s understandable if fans of the soap aren’t familiar with the character or just need a refresher. Taggert was introduced back in December of 1996 and was played by Reál Andrews until April of 1997. For most of 1997, the role was recast with Matthew St. Patrick, but Andrews was back in February of 1998 until May of 2003. Then Andrews reprised his role in January 2020 only to be unexpectedly killed off by March! Thankfully, the actor was back by August and revealed how it came about. Here’s what you need to know about the guy…

When Marcus Taggert arrived in Port Charles, he was out for revenge on Sonny Corinthos. Having also grown up in Brooklyn, Taggert was inspired by Sonny’s stepfather, Deke Woods, to become a police officer and after the man was shot down in an alley, wanted to get justice on his killer, who he believed to be Sonny. Joining the PCPD, Taggert harassed Sonny at every opportunity.

The cop had a soft spot for Sonny’s wife, Lilly Rivera Corinthos, and after she died from a car bomb meant for Sonny, his anger towards the mobster grew. Taggert also took Lilly’s son, Juan Santiago, as his ward. Dating assistant DA Dara Jensen, Taggert feared he would lose her to Justus Ward, but in the end, he lost her to her job when she couldn’t find time for both in her life. 

GH Jason Taggert
Taking down Sonny also meant his right-hand-man, Jason!Scott Garfield/ABC

In 2000, Taggert’s half-sister, Gia Campbell, showed up in Port Charles having left school and was soon joined by their mother, Florence Campbell. He moved on to a new relationship with FBI agent Hannah Scott, but grew jealous of her friendship with A.J. Quartermaine and ended things. After discovering proof that Gia had been responsible for a car accident that nearly killed Elizabeth Webber, he compromised his principles and couldn’t bring himself to arrest his sister.

Although he remained determined to bring down Sonny, Taggert felt Scott Baldwin was going too far and using illegal methods to achieve the same goal. Wanting to get Taggert out of the way, DA Baldwin set him up in his campaign to get rid of dirty cops and forced Taggert to relocate to a police department in Portland, Oregon.

GH Taggert Jordan
Taggert and Jordan have more history together than they let on!XJJohnson/

In January of 2020, Sonny was surprised to run into Taggert visiting Mike at Turning Woods. And after their terse conversation, Taggert visited his old friend, Jordan Ashford, in her office at the police station. They had worked together years ago and she called him to Port Charles to help her solve the mysterious death of their old compatriot who they both didn’t believe died of a drug overdose. When another former comrade also wound up dead on the docks, they feared for their lives.

Taggert’s return to town at the same time a mob war was exploding with Sonny made some suspicious of the guy, including Mac Scorpio, who questioned his reasons for coming back. Then, Trina called him dad and it was revealed that she was his and Portia Robinson‘s daughter! But when Cyrus Renault, who was gunning for Jordan and Taggert, kidnapped Trina and Cam, Taggert was shot trying to rescue them! The cop was rushed to the hospital where he seemed to be stable, but then suddenly flatlined! Lucas reported that there he had developed a blood clot in his brain and there was nothing they could do to save his life.

However, in August, Taggert met with Jordan on the docks very much alive, and it was revealed that they had faked his death with the help of nurse Epiphany Johnson. He was supposed to stay in hiding but Taggert was worried Jordan was under Cyrus’ thumb and wanted to kill the villain himself. Jordan warned him that if he committed murder, he could never see his daughter again and urged him to let her handle Cyrus.

GH Portia Taggert Trina
Portia and Taggert were a united front when Trina found herself in court.ABC

Taggert resurfaced again at Halloween and Julian Jerome tried to bargain with Cyrus by revealing Taggert’s resurrection but it didn’t work. Once Cyrus was finally dealt with, Portia and Trina were finally reunited with Taggert, who Mac arrested in order to keep him safe. Portia was not happy with Taggert for breaking Trina’s heart by making them all think he’d died. He was later released into Jordan’s custody, which created some friction in her relationship with Curtis Ashford.

When Trina had trouble with Esme Prince, Taggert joined Portia in counseling their daughter and supporting her during the trial. And months later, when Trina began dating Rory Cabrera, Taggert practically interrogated the rookie cop. And when it appeared that the serial killer nicknamed The Hook was attacking people associated with Trina, Taggert wanted to keep his daughter safe.

Taggert was in attendance when Portia married Curtis, and following the ceremony, was stunned to learn that Portia had been keeping secret the possibility that Trina was really Curtis’ daughter! He comforted a distraught Trina, assuring her he would always be her dad, and later told Portia the same thing.

GH Curtis Portia Trina Taggert
Trina wound up with two dads.ABC

When Trina was mixed up in the danger surrounding Victor Cassadine and his evil plot, Taggert was unfortunately wrapped up in an assignment and couldn’t go to Greenland to help rescue her. And when Portia expressed her desire to keep Spencer far away from their daughter, he warned her that would only make Trina want to be with him even more.

When Trina finally decided to take a DNA test, Taggert was absolutely crushed to learn that Curtis was her biological father. He opened up about his heartbreak to Jordan and then began drowning his sorrows in alcohol.

Stay tuned to GH to see how Taggert’s story continues!

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