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Trina on GENERAL HOSPITAL — Everything You Need To Know


Trina on GENERAL HOSPITAL has settled nicely into Port Charles’ younger set! When the character originally appeared in a few episodes back in 2017 and 2018, she was portrayed by actress Tiana Le, but when Trina became a major part of the canvas, Sydney Mikayla stepped into her shoes. Although Mikayla seemed to be able to juggle GH with her college studies, the actress eventually decided to focus on her education, and the role was recast in March 2022 with Tabyana Ali who continues to play Trina to this day.

Trina Robinson was introduced back in June of 2017 when she took over the party that Josslyn Jacks threw while her mom was out of town. Josslyn was concerned when Trina made sure alcohol was provided and invited a bunch of boys over, but was happy to learn one of those boys was the one she liked, Oscar Nero. (Who also looked a bit different back then!) The character made a return appearance in March of 2018 at Oscar and Josslyn’s special “alternative prom” party that took a dangerous turn when the earthquake struck Port Charles!

General Hospital Trina Josslyn
No matter what she looks like, Trina knows how to have fun! ChrisD/

Trina resurfaced in 2019 episode looking like a new girl as she planned a trip to Niagara Falls with Josslyn, Oscar, and Cameron Webber. When they gave Joss and Oscar a room to themselves, Cameron was nervous sharing with Trina, mentioning her reputation as a party girl. Trina assured Cam that was all talk and promised she wasn’t into him. She remained tight with her friends as they helped Oscar check off his bucket list and was there for them when he sadly passed away. She also attended Liz and Franco’s wedding reception as Cam’s guest when Josslyn initially turned down his invitation.

As she established a life in Port Charles, Trina got herself a job working for Ava Jerome at her art gallery, though Joss worried about her friend getting mixed up in her boss’ craziness. Trina was also suspicious of newcomer Dev Corbin, not sure he was actually who he claimed to be, but when he revealed his deception to stay in America, she joined the other teens in keeping the secret. Then she called the recently-returned Marcus Taggert, “Dad!”

GH Trina Ava
Portia didn’t approve her her daughter working for Ava.Valerie Durant/ABC

On the way to a school dance with Cam, the teens were kidnapped, and Taggert was shot trying to rescue his daughter. Later, at the hospital, Trina was devastated when her father died after suffering a blood clot. Which is when her oft-absent mother, Portia Robinson, finally showed up in her life. Portia didn’t approve of Trina working for Ava, but the teen wasn’t about to listen to anything her mom had to say at that point.

Cameron found himself torn between Josslyn and Trina, but although they shared a kiss, Trina and Cam decided they were just friends. She also mourned when Dev was killed in an explosion. Trina was furious at Jordan Ashford for claiming that her father was a dirty cop who had faked evidence and was stunned when she found out Jordan had helped Taggert fake his death to protect his family!

Trina met a mysterious young man named “Victor” who she was later surprised to learn was really Spencer Cassadine. She was also surprised to learn that Joss and Cam were dating. The shocks kept coming as Trina accepted that her mother was dating Curtis Ashford, but was stunned to overhear a conversation revealing that they had a romantic history she knew nothing about! Then, she was heartbroken when Spencer introduced everyone to his girlfriend, Esme Prince. Working together with Cam and Joss, Trina helped expose that Spencer and Esme were the ones stalking Ava. Trina helped arrange a special showing of a National Geographic photographer at the Jerome Gallery and Esme’s attempt to ruin her big night backfired.

GH Trina Esme Spencer
Trina’s feelings for Spencer hit an Esme-sized roadblock!ABC

Her jealousy building, Esme organized a ski weekend with Trina, Cam, and Joss to help Spencer enjoy himself before he was sent to jail. But as the teens were enjoying the time together, Esme drugged Trina’s drink and set about humiliating her during a drinking game! After Trina went to bed, Esme then used a phone to record Cam and Joss having sex for the first time and later leaked the sex tape online!

Proclaiming her innocence, Esme pointed the finger at Trina, though none of her family and friends truly believed her to be guilty. Unfortunately, Esme also planted enough evidence that the police were forced to arrest Trina for the crime! Trina was hurt that Spencer continued taking Esme’s side, not realizing that he was working secretly to expose his scheming “girlfriend.” So she had no problem flirting back when rookie cop Rory Cabrera started getting friendly with her. Spencer got jealous as Trina and Rory’s relationship developed and they spent more time together. And Rory came in handy when Trina and Josslyn found themselves in the middle of a bar fight as they were trying to prove Esme bought the burner phone used to frame Trina. 

As Trina’s trial began, everyone was scrambling to prove Esme had set her up, but Spencer’s scheme to force her into exonerating Trina failed. So he testified that he’d been with Trina at the time the video was leaked, landing himself back in jail for breaking out of Spring Ridge. Trina also took the stand in her own defense, but without solid evidence to prove her innocence, things didn’t look good! Thankfully, as the jury was about to announce their verdict, Oz testified that he’d sold the burner phone to Esme, not Trina, and the DA dropped the charges. Now free, Trina continued her budding romance with Rory, but couldn’t ignore her feelings for Spencer. Still, she felt terrible when Rory became one of The Hook’s victims.

GH Trina Rory dead
Trina’s relationship with Rory had a tragic end.ABC

Believing Esme to be the serial killer, Trina worked with Spencer to lure her out of hiding by pretending to be in a relationship. Naturally, things took a turn as their real feelings seeped through. Plus, they were surprised when Esme showed up pregnant with Nikolas’ baby and suffering from amnesia! Having accepted Curtis in her life, Trina supported him marrying her mother, but after the wedding, confronted Portia about the secret she was keeping and was shocked to learn Curtis could be her father! 

When Spencer and Esme’s baby Ace were abducted by Victor Cassadine, Trina stowed away on The Haunted Star and managed to get a call out so that help could come. Curtis rescued Trina, Spencer, and Ace in Iceland and upon their return to Port Charles, she decided to have the DNA test done to find out who her biological father is. After the results proved that Curtis was her dad, Trina assured Taggert this wouldn’t change how she felt about him.

Portia didn’t approve of Trina’s relationship with Spencer and continued trying to steer the young man away from her daughter. But at the same time, Trina found herself growing jealous of Spencer’s closeness with Esme as they raised Baby Ace together. Spencer proved his love by whisking Trina off to a fabulous vacation in New York City where the couple consummated their relationship.

GH Trina Spencer NYC skyline
Trina and Spencer’s visit to the Big Apple was magical.ABC

However, when they came home, Spencer resumed acting like Ace’s dad, prompting Trina to remind him he was only his brother. He eventually backed off, and when Trina was invited to study at the Sorbonne University in Paris, he agreed to go with her. She was reluctant to leave Curtis, who had just undergone experimental surgery in the hopes of reversing his paralysis, but he urged her to go and threw her a bon voyage party at The Savoy to wish them well.

Stay tuned to GH to see how Trina’s storyline continues!

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