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What Happened to Oscar on GENERAL HOSPITAL


As soon as Oscar Nero showed up at Josslyn’s party in June of 2017 on GENERAL HOSPITAL, fans were intrigued by the teen. And not just because Garren Stitt replaced the original Oscar, Rio Mangini, after just two episodes. (Mangini got another role on another series, necessitating the sudden recast.) The young man’s origins were originally shrouded in mystery, but both before and after the truth came out, GH fans remained enamored of the character. Which is why everyone was heartbroken when the character passed away at such a young age.

Because Oscar was first seen at the party Josslyn Jacks threw while her mom was out of town, Carly was naturally not enthusiastic about her daughter dating the boy. But after attempts to keep them apart failed, Carly decided to let them go ahead and date, while keeping a close eye on them.

Once Oscar’s mother, Kim Nero, was introduced, she attempted to keep a lid on the identity of Oscar’s father, but that didn’t quite work out, and Oscar soon started to suspect Drew Cain might be his dad. With Josslyn’s help, they swiped a mug Drew had recently used and ran a DNA test. When they got the results, Oscar decided he didn’t want to know, but then Kim decided to come clean and told him that Drew was his father.

General Hospital Oscar Josslyn
Josslyn wanted to help Oscar uncover his true past.ChrisD/

The DNA test proved Kim’s confession, and Oscar attempted to get to know his dad. It was a little awkward at first, but the father and son soon found common ground and began to bond. He also turned to Drew for help learning self-defense moves when one of his friends was being bullied at school.

Because their school required all students to dress according to their gender, Oscar and Joss decided to hold an alternative prom on the same night as the main one, but unfortunately their party was ruined when there was an earthquake and Oscar and Josslyn were trapped in a freezer and nearly died. They were rescued, and everything was going fine until Cameron Webber resurfaced and still had a crush on Joss. But even more distressing was the seizure that Oscar suffered while at the Corinthos Compound! 

General Hospital Jason Oscar
Thankfully, Jason was there when his nephew had a seizure!ABC/Todd Wawrychuk

When Oscar was brought into GH, Kim immediately called for Dr. Terry Randolph, a pediatric oncologist. She revealed that her son had suffered these kinds of episodes for a while as a child, but thought it was over. Then Kim finally confessed to Drew that their son has an inoperable brain tumor, and she had never told him! Kim had hoped to spare her child the pain, but Oscar eventually found out the truth from Cameron and confronted his parents. Although they wanted to continue trying experimental treatments, Oscar didn’t see the point and tried to break up with Josslyn without telling her exactly why.

To avoid being forced to undergo the drug trials that could save his life, Oscar hired Alexis Davis to be his attorney and help him become emancipated. But Cameron finally came clean with Josslyn about the real reason why her boyfriend broke up with her, and she confronted Oscar about keeping the truth from her which inspired the teen to give in and seek treatment. Unfortunately, after undergoing the experimental treatment, Terry had to sadly report that it hadn’t worked.

General Hospital Josslyn Oscar
Josslyn was there for Oscar right up to the end.ABC

There was a slight glimmer of hope when additional tests showed that Oscar’s tumor hadn’t grown any further, and Josslyn helped him check off some things on his bucket list. But their visit to the Port Charles catacombs put more lives than just their own in danger, and their road trip to see Niagara Falls ended with Oscar in the hospital again after he suffered another seizure. Once back in Port Charles, Terry gave the family the sad news that tests indicated that Oscar’s tumor was growing again and he didn’t have long left. Oscar was invited to move into the Quartermaine mansion to live out his final days, and he asked to change his last name to really be part of the family. Sadly, the teen could not escape the inevitable and passed away in his sleep with Josslyn watching over him.

Oscar may be gone but he will never be forgotten by viewers or the characters who loved him.

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