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Josslyn Jacks may have had a troubled childhood on GENERAL HOSPITAL, but now that she’s a teenager, things have gotten more complicated than ever before! The character actually made her first appearance as a teenager played by actress Jamie Lea Willett in a 2009 dream sequence that inspired a pregnant Carly to name her daughter Josslyn John. (John being the name shared by both her and Jax’s fathers.) After the child’s birth, twins McKenna and Karleigh Larson played Joss until 2012, followed by Sarah Johnson and Paige Oliver. Hanna Nordberg joined GH as the new Josslyn in 2014 for eight months, and in October of 2015, the girl was aged into a teen now played by Eden McCoy.

The daughter of Carly Corinthos and Jasper Jacks, Josslyn was involved in drama right from the start when the villainous Claudia Zacchara held Carly hostage and she ended up helping her give birth in the cabin where she was being held prisoner! Claudia intended to keep the infant for herself, but Michael Corinthos appeared and killed her, rescuing his baby sister.

As a toddler, Joss was diagnosed with kidney cancer, and Carly insisted on finding a kidney donor for a transplant rather than put the little girl through the rigors of chemotherapy. Jason and Liz’s son, Jake, had just died in a hit-and-run accident, and Carly was able to persuade Liz to help save her daughter’s life.

General Hospital Carly Jax Josslyn

Carly and Jax were afraid they were going to lose their little girl. (Photo Credit: Howard Wise/

But after Josslyn recovered, Jax and Carly’s marriage hit a breaking point and they divorced. Jax pursued custody, fearing his daughter’s life would be in constant danger from Carly’s involvement with mob boss Sonny. But Carly received full custody after Sonny framed Jax for drug possession.

Josslyn briefly became ill again when her uncle Jerry Jacks injected her with an unknown substance that later was revealed to be an inoculation against the deadly pathogen he was planning to unleash into the Port Charles water supply. (Such a thoughtful uncle!) After she got better, the girl made frequent visits to visit Jax in Australia.

General Hospital Carly Josslyn

Hannah Nordberg as Josslyn causing a stir at Carly’s 2014 wedding to Franco. (Photo Credit: Howard Wise/

When Joss returned to Port Charles, she was upset to find her mother dating Franco, who she believed was a dangerous psycho. The girl also developed a crush on Cameron Webber and worked to split up him and Emma Scorpio-Drake with Spencer Cassadine‘s help. Joss was upset when her mother asked her to be the flower girl at her wedding to Franco, but delighted when they didn’t end up tying the knot!

Joss returned from Australia again in October of 2015 a little older and wiser and was the maid of honor at Carly’s marriage to Sonny. Joss was still worried about her mother because she was now old enough to understand exactly what Sonny does for a living. The teen was devastated when her brother, Morgan, was killed in a car bomb, but happy when the tragedy pushed Carly away from Sonny and back into Jax’s arms.

General Hospital Josslyn Carly Jax

Josslyn was grateful to find out where her life-saving kidney had come from. (Photo Credit: XJJohnson/

However, it was revealed that Jax had arranged to purchase Nelle’s kidney for Josslyn back in the day (turns out that Jake hadn’t really died, so it couldn’t have been his kidney she got!), so a jealous Sonny had the Aussie arrested for organ trafficking and deported so Joss lost her dad again. It was bad when Joss clashed with her mother over her relationship with Sonny and her teenaged partying and dating new boyfriend Oscar Nero, but it got worse when Nelle schemed to get Carly arrested and locked up in Ferncliff!

Josslyn was glad when her mother was released, but then her relationship with Oscar took a turn when he dumped her out of nowhere! She found a sympathetic shoulder to cry on in Cameron and enlisted him to pretend to be her boyfriend to make Oscar jealous. Unfortunately, Cam actually had genuine feelings for her and after a while came clean that Oscar was just pushing her away because he was dying of a brain tumor. Upset, Josslyn returned to Oscar to be by his side as he underwent experimental treatment to save his life, but despite everyone’s best efforts, the boy passed away.

Josslyn was heartbroken over losing Oscar and has struggled to get over it. And Sonny inviting Dev to stay with them has complicated things further, even as it’s given the teen something to distract herself with.

Stay tuned to see how Josslyn’s story continues, and for more GH news, keep reading the ABC edition of Soaps In Depth magazine!

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