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What Happened to Rory on GENERAL HOSPITAL


Rory on GENERAL HOSPITAL made quite the impression on fans right from his first appearance in the March 29, 2022 episode. The rookie police officer was played by Michael Blake Kruse, who has appeared in episodes of GREY’S ANATOMY and CRIMINAL MINDS as well as films like Christmas Harmony and Dead in the Water. Sadly, the actor’s GH run came to an end when Rory met a tragic fate in December of that year.

Officer Rory Cabrera was first seen when Trina Robinson was arrested for leaking the sex tape of Cameron Webber and Josslyn Jacks and he stayed with her while she spoke with commissioner Jordan Ashford and had a visit from Ava Jerome. When Trina was visibly upset after a visit from Spencer Cassadine, Rory offered her a can of soda and they exchanged silent smiles.

Rory also helped out Trina at the courthouse when she requested some time alone to clear her head and he kept an eye on her. Later, when Josslyn was talking with Trina at Kelly’s she noticed a man staring at her and went to confront him. Rory identified himself and Josslyn apologized for the misunderstanding. The rookie cop was also with Jordan as she investigated the discovery of Brendan Byrne’s body in the harbor down by the docks and she pointed out the marks on the corpse’s neck.

GH Cam Rory Joss Trina Spencer
Rory showed Spencer what happens when you assault a police officer… even if it was an accident!ABC

When an argument erupted between Cameron and Spencer in Kelly’s, Rory was there and placed Cam under arrest after he punched Spencer to the ground. When Spencer lost his temper and accidentally struck Rory, he also got arrested. Trina begged Rory to look the other way and let them go, but he insisted he had to do this by the book.

Trina was startled by a noise at the Jerome Gallery that turned out to be Rory, who had been assigned to keep an eye on her because she’d been harassed by reporters. She returned the favor and got him a drink this time and they briefly discussed art before being interrupted by Spencer. Trina and Rory also had another encounter at the yoga studio, and Joss couldn’t help but notice the sparks between them.

Rory also proved useful when Joss and Trina were involved in a bar fight while looking for information on who sold Esme Prince the burner phone she used to frame Trina for leaking the sex tape. And when Esme herself tried turning on the charm with Rory for her own purposes, he put the schemer on notice! The cop also testified on Trina’s behalf at her trial, and though she tried to Friend Zone him, he made his feelings for her crystal clear!

GH Rory Trina Hotel
Trina slowed things down on her getaway with Rory.ABC

On the outs with Spencer Trina began seeing Rory, and their relationship blossomed. He invited her to join him on a trip out of town to a comic convention, but when things heated up in their hotel room, she suddenly backed off. Undeterred, Rory invited Trina to a three-month anniversary dinner where he declared his love and presented her with a gift of perfume. She was already taken aback, but then Spencer showed up at the restaurant and made things even more awkward.

While investigating the Hook attacks, Rory went to the apartment of an exotic animal dealer and found the door unlocked. When Dante Falconeri arrived at the same address, he found the animal dealer dead and Rory fighting for his life after being hooked! They rushed the officer to the hospital where the doctors tried to save his life, administering the anti-venom, but sadly, just as he regain consciousness and spoke with Trina, he coded and died!

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