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Blaze on GENERAL HOSPITAL is a new character who isn’t on regularly, so some viewers might be curious to know more about her, and that’s where we come in! The character was introduced in the Nov. 3, 2022 episode and is played by actress Jacqueline Grace Lopez, making her daytime debut. She had previously made appearances in TV series like EAST LOS HIGH and LIGHT AS A FEATHER as well as movies like El Camino and Jane the Novela. And in fact, years ago, she made a blink-and-you-miss-it appearance in an episode of GH as a babysitter! After wrapping up her storyline in April 2023, it was announced that Lopez would be reprising the role for another stint starting in September!

Blaze was introduced as another client of Linc’s, who he wanted to duet with Harrison Chase. She arrived with him at Charlie’s Pub to meet Chase, who was with Brook Lynn Quartermaine. Chatting alone at the table, Blaze joked that Chase being discovered singing in the shower sounded like a put-on, so he pointed out her name. She admitted that her real name was Ally, but Blaze sounded better.

A couple of weeks later, Blaze met with Chase at Kelly’s where she opened up about having to fend off Linc’s sleazy come-ons. Chase urged her to report him, but she was afraid of being labeled as a difficult person to work with. She also revealed that she’d originally wanted to record a folk song but Linc had pushed her into the pop singer mold. Blaze also noted that Chase didn’t really seem fully committed to a career in music, and encouraged him to get out while he still could.

GH Chase Brook Lynn Blaze Linc
Blaze became part of Chase and Brook Lynn’s scheme to bring down Linc.ABC

Blaze eventually duetted with Chase at a special holiday performance in Rice Plaza where they performed Brook Lynn’s song, “Find a Way” to the enthusiastic crowd. After they got off stage, Brook Lynn congratulated them but Linc informed Blaze she had sounded pitchy and criticized her wardrobe for not being sexy enough. Chase and Blaze later took to the stage again to sing “Silent Night.”

Finally, while preparing to perform at the Nurses Ball with Chase, Blaze had reached her limit with Linc’s sleazy come-ons. Following their song, Linc came out on stage and continued getting handsy with Blaze. When Brook Lynn took the mic and outed the producer as a sexual predator, a tearful Blaze backed her up and was relieved when Dante placed him under arrest. She later made an appearance at Chase’s hearing to be reinstated to the police force and testified on his behalf, using her real name of Alison Rogers.

in September, Brook Lynn revealed her plans to get back into music and called Blaze to set up a meeting. Kristina Davis was surprised when Blaze walked into Charlie’s Pub, as she was a big fan. She was further delighted when Blaze struck up a conversation with her while waiting for Brook Lynn to arrive. The meeting went well and Blaze happily signed on to work with Brook Lynn. When Blaze accompanied Brook Lynn and Olivia Quartermaine to The Savoy to watch Ned Quartermaine — as “Eddie Maine” — sing, she found herself feeling like a third wheel and was happy to run into Kristina at the bar so they could hang out together.

GH Blaze Kristina
Blaze and Kristina really hit it off!ABC

Lucy Coe and Maxie Jones met with Blaze at The Metro Court to see if she would be interested in becoming the new Face of Deception. She then flew to Puerto Rico to visit her grandmother and was surprised to run into Kristina, who was staying at the hotel after attending her father’s wedding. Upon returning to Port Charles, Blaze turned down Lucy’s offer, urging her to keep Sasha Gilmore on as the spokesmodel. She then signed an official contract with Brook Lynn, which was witnessed by Kristina. She also agreed to Kristina’s suggestion that her mother, Alexis Davis, do a feature on Blaze’s experience with sexual harassment in the music industry for The Invader

Kristina also accompanied Blaze to the recording studio where they continued growing closer as Blaze opened up about not enjoying being on tour because it was so lonely. She then accepted Kristina’s invitation to stop by Alexis’ home to join the Davis family for Thanksgiving. 

Later, Blaze stopped by to hang out at Kristina’s place and they got to know each other better. She explained that her real name is Alison Rogers-Ramirez and she took on the nickname Blaze when she got cold feet at a high school talent show and the DJ told her to go out in a blaze of glory. After Kristina listed her failed relationships, Blaze surprised her with a kiss. She then admitted that her family was very conservative so she couldn’t be herself with them. Kristina reassured her and promised her support if she ever did come out to them.

GH Blaze Kristina
Blaze could handle Kristina being pregnant, but not the arrival of her conservative mom, Natalia!Christine Bartolucci/Disney

Kristina was nervous about how Blaze would react to her acting as a surrogate for her sister, Molly Lansing, but Blaze assured her she would support whatever she wanted to do. At Christmastime, Blaze stepped in to reassure Violet Finn that Santa was real and offered to give her singing lessons. As 2024 began, Kristina began pulling away and explained to Blaze it was because she had pulled away from her, not wanting to hold hands in public. Blaze promised to do better, and did so by supporting Kristina fully when she revealed she’d undergone the procedure and later learned she was pregnant.

Blaze was taken aback when Kristina revealed she’d told Molly about their relationship, then revealed that her mother was due for a visit. Unfortunately, Natalia Rogers-Ramirez arrived suddenly the morning after Blaze and Kristina had made love to find a strange woman in her daughter’s bed!

Stay tuned to see what happens next!

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