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Phyllis on GENERAL HOSPITAL — Everything You Need to Know

Phyllis Caulfield on GENERAL HOSPITAL started out as a nurse and turned into so much more! Actress Joyce Guy made her debut in the Nov. 12, 2020, episode of the soap, but resurfaced again in January 2021. Viewers might recognize the actress from her appearances on soaps like SUNSET BEACH or DAYS OF OUR LIVES or primetime series like CHICAGO HOPE, THE WEST WING, GREY’S ANATOMY, BOSCH, or CLICKBAIT.

When Valentin Cassadine was trying to help Nina Reeves locate her long-lost child, he went to get information out of her mother, Madeline Reeves. When Nina had gotten pregnant, Madeline had drugged her in an attempt to kill the baby, but instead, Nina went into a coma and the baby survived. Nina confessed she’d removed Nina from Chrichton-Clark Clinic and hired a private nurse to care for her until she delivered and she could put the baby up for adoption.

GH Nina Jax Phyllis
Nina hoped Phyllis would have the answers she was after.ABC

After receiving a locket from her childhood, Nina learned from a jeweler that half of it was missing and she suspected her long-lost daughter (or son!) might have the other piece. With the help of Jasper “Jax” Jacks, Nina located the man who made the necklace in New York City, who remembered making the piece of jewelry. He found a receipt with the name Phyllis Caulfield and Nina remembered her as the nurse who took care of her when she came out of her coma.

Curtis Ashford narrowed down the search to find the right nurse and Nina recognized her immediately when she saw her at the Metro Court. Phyllis confirmed that Nina’s baby survived and under Madeline’s orders, brought the infant to a family in North Florida. He had no names or way to trace them, but with Madeline’s permission, gave the child the other half of Nina’s heart necklace in case she wanted to search for her birth mother one day.

GH Phyllis Sonny
Phyllis has a great bedside manner!ABC

In January 2021, Phyllis reappeared when Sonny was brought into the hospital where she works as a nurse. Admitting that she hadn’t seen any missing person reports matching his description, Phyllis tried to keep his spirits up and finding his watch was inscribed “Mike,” suggested it was his name. She brought him back home to her husband, Lenny Caulfield, and convinced him to let “Mike” work and live at the bar they owned, called the Tan-O. His erratic behavior led Phyllis to suspect he was bipolar, and once he was on medication, they allowed him to continue on at the bar. In fact, when “Mike” was accused of robbery, she and Lenny defended him to the cops.

Phyllis was surprised when Nina showed up in Nixon Falls, but that was nothing compared to Nina’s reaction to seeing “Mike!” Not realizing the truth behind their connection, Phyllis continued trying to push “Mike” and Nina together. In fact, when Nina later returned to Port Charles, Phyllis urged “Mike” to go visit her there. Concerned when Lenny collapsed at the bar and blamed it on heart trouble, Phyllis insisted he see a specialist and found one in New York City. Unfortunately, she was heartbroken when he was diagnosed with advanced pancreatic cancer.

Stay tuned to GH to find out what happens next!

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