What Happened to Harmony on GENERAL HOSPITAL

Harmony — a.k.a. Lorraine Miller — first appeared on GENERAL HOSPITAL in February 2019 and if she looks familiar, it’s probably because portrayer Inga Cadranel has been in quite a few primetime TV series. And while Harmony was a big part of the Dawn of Day storyline, it was also revealed that she’s related to another Port Charles resident, so she’s been popping up occasionally since then. Although in November 2020, the actress admitted that COVID was preventing her from returning to GH, by August 2021, Harmony was back in Port Charles!

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Jason Morgan met with Harmony at a cafe in Beecher’s Corners looking for some background on Dawn of Day. Harmony insisted that the group had opened her mind and changed her life. She had originally been named Lorraine, but had never felt that was right. She talked up the work she and Shiloh had done, but wouldn’t tell Jason anything important. And when a cop harassed Jason after running his plates, Harmony defused the situation for him, but after Jason left to return to Port Charles, Harmony called Shiloh to report in.

General Hospital Jason Harmony
Jason gave it his best shot, but couldn’t get much out of Harmony.ABC

Then Harmony has appeared in Port Charles herself, continuing to work with Shiloh to extend Dawn of Day’s reach. She was intimately involved in Kristina’s initiation ceremony… at least until the young woman was abducted to rescue her from the cult! Then, it was revealed that she’s actually the mother of Willow Tait as the schoolteacher blasted her for getting her mixed up in the cult and pimping her out to Shiloh. Harmony revealed she knew her daughter had gotten pregnant by the cult leader, but Willow lied that she’d had a miscarriage. When Shiloh was arrested for drugging and attempting to sexually assault Kristina, Harmony agreed to take the fall for him, confessing she was the one who drugged the young woman. But once behind bars, Harmony began to see Shiloh for who he really is and agreed to testify against the cult leader.

Willow visited her mother in prison to inform her that Shiloh had died during a confrontation with Jason and Sam, and was later surprised when Harmony showed up on her doorstep having been released due to overcrowding. Harmony expressed a desire to be the mother Willow always deserved, and perhaps a grandmother to Wiley. Willow reminded her that the boy was now Lucas and Brad’s son, and she shouldn’t do anything without their okay, though she did show her a picture of the kid.

GH Willow Harmony
Willow likes the good guys, but her mother seems drawn to the bad guys!ABC

Unfortunately, Harmony’s claim of turning over a new leaf turned out to be bogus as she was revealed to be working with Port Charles’ latest villain, Cyrus Renault! She sure knows how to pick ’em, eh? She then went radio silent for a while, resurfacing in August 2021 in an attempt to attend Wiley’s birthday party. Willow was still reluctant to reconcile with her mother and no one else wanted her there, either, so she left. Alexis Davis was then startled to see Harmony working as a nurse in Spring Ridge, and worried about what she. was doing with Ryan Chamberlain!

But Harmony’s claims seem to be genuine this time as she has kept a watchful eye on Ryan and offered Alexis supportive advice. And even after Alexis was finally set free, Harmony continued to support her new friend on the outside as she put her life back together again. Sam McCall, unable to forget Harmony’s involvement with Shiloh, warned her to watch her step, but it does seem as though she’s turned over a new leaf.

Stay tuned to GH to see how Harmony’s story continues!

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