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What Happened to Sabrina on GENERAL HOSPITAL


Longtime fans still remember her fondly, but newer viewers of GENERAL HOSPITAL may find themselves wondering who was Sabrina Santiago? Played by Teresa Castillo, the character first appeared in September of 2012 and helped re-introduce the annual Nurses Ball to the soap. Unfortunately, Sabrina met a tragic fate just four years later, but she led quite an eventful life on GH before then!

When Sabrina first arrived as a student nurse at General Hospital, she immediately started crushing on the handsome Dr. Patrick Drake. However, Dr. Britt Westbourne already had her claws into him and schemed to keep Sabrina away even going so far as to switch medications to make it look like Sabrina killed a patient! But Patrick’s daughter, Emma, was fond of her new babysitter, and this brought him and Sabrina closer together. After passing her nursing exam, Sabrina was feeling confident enough to confess her feelings to Patrick, but unfortunately, he was paged to the ER before he could explain his side of things fully.

GH Patrick, Sabrina, and Emma - JPI
Young Emma helped Patrick see how wonderful Sabrina would be for him.Howard Wise/

Sabrina and Patrick

Sabrina accepted Milo Giambetti’s invitation to the Nurses Ball, and Felix Dubois gave the nerdy nurse a makeover that left Patrick stunned. He finally confessed that he’d fallen for her, and she gently let Milo down. During the ball, Sabrina performed a number with Emma, but during Patrick’s tribute to Robin, Britt announced she was pregnant with his baby! Although a paternity test proved Patrick was the babydaddy, he and Sabrina later learned that Britt had been conspiring with her mother, Dr. Leisl Obrecht, to fix the results.

The next obstacle to Patrick and Sabrina’s happiness was the arrival of her ex-boyfriend, Carlos Rivera. He tried to persuade her that Patrick would always love his late wife, Robin Scorpio, more than her, but she refused to listen. A jealous Patrick surprised Sabrina when he proposed marriage, but then on their wedding day, Robin showed up at the church, very much alive! A heartbroken Sabrina gallantly stepped down when Patrick chose to go back to his wife.

General Hospital Patrick and Sabrina's Wedding
Sabrina was stunned when Robin crashed her wedding!Howard Wise/

How did Sabrina lose her baby?

When Sabrina learned she was pregnant with Patrick’s baby, she didn’t want to interfere with his newfound happiness by telling him. Carlos offered to raise the baby and claim it as his own, and she went along with it so Patrick could be happy with Robin. However, she had a harder time lying to Emma and eventually came clean. After Robin left town, Sabrina stepped in as a mother figure for Emma again, but tragically they were involved in a car accident that caused her to go into premature labor. Little Gabriel fought for his life in the hospital for several weeks but ultimately died.

The death of her child caused Sabrina to have a breakdown, and Patrick struggled to get her to face reality. Following Gabriel’s funeral, Sabrina went back to Puerto Rico with her cousin, Juan. A couple of months later, she returned to Port Charles, and believing that Ava Jerome was responsible for the car accident, sought revenge by switching the pregnant woman’s medication with one that could induce premature labor. When Sabrina learned Ava was innocent, she felt terrible and confessed, losing her job as a result.

GH Sabrina and Michael - JPI
Sabrina always had luck with men at the Nurses Ball!Howard Wise/

Sabrina and Michael

Michael Corinthos hired Sabrina to be a nurse at a new clinic, but when those plans were put on hold, he asked her to be Avery’s nanny. They began dating, but when she later learned she was pregnant, Sabrina wasn’t sure if the father was Michael or Carlos, given that she’d had a one-night stand with him before he’d been presumed dead. Learning she was pregnant, Michael proposed, but Sabrina turned him down because it was too soon. Also, she realized that the baby was Carlos’, and after confessing the truth to Michael, agreed to leave town with Carlos. They were at an isolated cabin when she went into labor, and when Robert and Anna finally tracked them down, they were nowhere to be found. It was later revealed that they had gotten married and named their son Teddy.

GH Sabrina's Funeral - JPI
Sabrina’s killer had some nerve attending her funeral!Howard Wise/

How did Sabrina die?

In September of 2016, Sabrina learned that Paul Hornsby was the serial killer stalking the halls of the hospital. She saved Monica Quartermaine’s life when she was attacked, but then Paul murdered her instead. Felix found her body, and Port Charles mourned the heroine. Although Michael cared for Teddy for a time, the child ultimately was taken away by his uncle, Joe Rivera. But to those who loved her, Sabrina will never be forgotten.

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