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What Happened to Stavros Cassadine on GENERAL HOSPITAL

Stavros Cassadine on GENERAL HOSPITAL may be dead, but his influence is still felt by his family. The role was played originally by John Martinuzzi when the character was introduced during the famous Ice Princess storyline in 1983. When GH resurrected (or, more specifically, thawed out) Stavros in 2001, actor Robert Kelker-Kelly assumed the role and played the character for a few different reigns of terror over the years.

Stavros was originally introduced as the cousin of the villainous Mikkos Cassadine, although it was later revealed he was the firstborn son of Mikkos and Helena Cassadine. Obsessed with Laura Spencer, Stavros kidnapped her and told her Luke Spencer was dead and got her to marry him. It was during this time that he fathered her child, Nikolas Cassadine. When Laura learned she’d been lied to, she returned to Port Charles, and when Stavros followed, intending to kill Luke, he died after falling down the stairs at the hospital.

However, in 2001 it was revealed that Helena had placed Stavros in cryonic suspension in a secret room underneath GH, and was finally able to revive him. He targeted his brother, Stefan Cassadine, and Laura. Learning of his brother’s relationship with Chloe Morgan, Stavros called himself “Lucien Cane” and ultimately murdered her, setting Stefan up for the crime. his reign of terror came to an end when Helena trapped Bobbie, Stefan, Luke Laura, Alexis, Nikolas, and his girlfriend, Gia Campbell, under Wyndemere. Stavros attempted to prove himself to his son, Nikolas, by showing him and Gia a way to escape, then died during a struggle with Luke when he fell down a bottomless pit.

General Hospital Stavros Nikolas
Stavros liked playing games with everyone, including his son, Nikolas (then Colton Scott). But this is a weird way of playing pool!Scott Garfield/ABC

Stavros made a couple of brief returns as visions and dreams, appearing to Nikolas and Luke, but in 2013 it was discovered he was really still alive! Luke and Laura teamed up to locate their missing daughter, Lulu Spencer and were kidnapped themselves to be taken to Cassadine Island by Helena and Stavros, who had abducted their little girl. Laura offered to trade herself for Lulu, but Stavros had transferred his obsession from Laura onto her daughter. Thankfully, with Dante Falconeri’s help, they were able to rescue Lulu and lock Stavros in the cryogenic chamber.

However, the Cassadine returned for one more go in 2014, kidnapping Lulu and telling her he’d fertilized one of the eggs she’d had frozen so that they could have a child together. Dante managed to rescue his wife and shot Stavros dead. Helena saw her son’s dead body and took the embryo, escaping before Chrichton-Clark Clinic exploded. (This was the embryo that Helena used to create Charlotte Cassadine, Lulu’s daughter with Valentin.)

Could Stavros have survived a bullet to the chest? And an explosion? Hey, the guy survived a fall down a “bottomless” pit, so who’s to say what’s possible? By our count, he’s died four times, which leaves this cat with five lives left! Stay tuned to GH to see if he ever shows up again!

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