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What Happened to Gia on GENERAL HOSPITAL

Some fans might be wondering about Gia Campbell on GENERAL HOSPITAL, but newer viewers might not even know who the heck they’re talking about! The sister of Marcus Taggert, Gia was introduced back in July of 2000 played by Marisa Ramirez. The role was recast with Andrea Pearson in 2002 before being written out in 2003.

Gia got off to a rough start in Port Charles when she suspected Emily Quartermaine of doing drugs and tried to blackmail her. But after learning the truth, she joined fellow teens Lucky Spencer and Elizabeth Webber in solving a murder mystery. Befriending Nikolas Cassadine, Gia moved into his cottage and their friendship soon blossomed into romance.

When Laura Spencer and Carly Corinthos were looking for the new Face of Deception, Gia competed against Elizabeth. And while Laura wanted to hire Liz as the spokesmodel, Carly preferred Gia and helped her play dirty to get the job. But her happiness over winning the gig was spoiled when Nikolas dumped her as part of a scheme against Helena Cassadine. Gia grew close to Lucky and they shared a kiss as Helena had erased his memories of his love for Liz, but knowing his true feelings, helped thwart Helena’s scheme and restore his memories.

GH Nikolas Gia
Colton Scott was playing Nikolas during his relationship with Gia.Nelson Machin/ABC

Gia began dating a man named Lucien Cane to try and make Nikolas jealous and after they got back together, she was horrified to learn she had been dating his father, Stavros Cassadine!  Stavros locked Gia and Nikolas up but they were able to escape Helena’s underground maze and defeat the villains. The couple also got engaged and Gia moved in with Nikolas at Wyndemere.

After Gia crashed into Courtney Matthews‘ car, Nikolas helped cover up the accident and make it look like Courtney was responsible for the accident. Naturally, as a cop, Taggert was not happy when he learned about his sister’s cover-up. Nik also helped finance her return to modeling but got jealous when Lucky helped save Gia from a handsy photographer. Upset at Nikolas’ interference, Gia left modeling and went to work for Alexis Davis as a legal assistant. Nikolas also grew jealous at Gia’s growing friendship with Zander Smith, and after learning Nik had tried to pay Zander to leave town, she broke off the engagement.

Gia feared her hopes for a relationship with Zander would be spoiled by Emily’s return, but she actually pushed him into Gia’s arms. However, Emily was only pushing Zander away because she had breast cancer and things got even more complicated when she developed feelings for Nikolas. Realizing Zander still loved Emily, Gia let him go back to her and eventually left to attend law school.

Stay tuned to GH to see if Gia ever returns to Port Charles!

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