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Olivia Jerome on GENERAL HOSPITAL — Everything You Need to Know


Olivia Jerome’s reign of terror on GENERAL HOSPITAL may have ended back in March of 2017, but the effects of her actions are still being felt in Port Charles today. But who is this villain and why was she so hell-bent on taking revenge on her family? It’s complicated, but let us explain…

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Olivia first appeared on GH when Tonja Walker joined the soap in 1988. A member of the Jerome mob family, Olivia was caught up in a dangerous power struggle with brother Julian Jerome and half-brother Dino over their father Victor’s business. Olivia survived an attempt on her life by Dino but suffered a traumatic brain injury and had to be institutionalized.

Dino was arrested and Victor died after becoming dangerously obsessed with Lucy Coe. Julian took over the Jerome empire but wanted revenge against Duke Lavery for turning against Victor. Although Olivia had been romantically involved with Duke, Julian wanted her to join in his scheme. Unfortunately, it misfired and Duke’s wife, Anna Lavery, miscarried their unborn child. To keep Olivia from ruining his plans, Julian kidnapped her and presumably killed her.

Duke attempted to avenge Olivia’s “death” but was killed trying. A man named Jonathan Paget showed up looking identical to Duke and after confronting Julian, Jonathan was killed and Julian was presumed dead. But in 2013, Julian reappeared in Port Charles calling himself Derek Wells.

GH Anna Griffin & Olivia - JPI
Griffin and Anna managed to narrowly escape Olivia’s clutches!Howard Wise/

In January of 2017, viewers learned that Olivia was actually still alive, and had ordered the hit that killed Morgan Corinthos in a car explosion. Using an alias, Olivia befriended Alexis Davis and Sam McCall, trying to get close to the people Julian loved in order to take revenge on her brother. After Sam figured out her true identity, Olivia pushed the pregnant woman off a bridge! She also kidnapped Robin Scorpio and Griffin Munroe, dragging them into a basement lab under the hospital where she enacted an insane scheme to bring Duke back to life using his son, Griffin!

After Griffin foiled her plans, Olivia escaped and broke into Ava Jerome’s apartment to hold her hostage, then kidnapped Alexis to lure Julian to the bridge for a final confrontation. Olivia ordered Julian to kill Alexis, but instead, he set her free. The siblings fought over the gun and Olivia shot Julian, sending him falling to his “death.” At the cemetery, Olivia ran into Carly who was visiting Morgan’s grave. But this time, in the struggle over the weapon, Olivia was the one who got shot. A vengeful Carly threatened to kill her, but Sonny managed to talk her down and have her arrested instead.

GH Olivia Sonny
Sonny vowed to take care of Olivia… permanently!XJJohnson/

Defense attorney Nora Buchanan managed to get Olivia locked away in an asylum, but Sonny Corinthos warned the villain that he would make her pay for murdering his son. Olivia begged for mercy, but Sonny warned that the last thing she would hear would be Morgan’s name and she’d know the killer had been sent by him.

Olivia was dragged off and hasn’t been seen since, so it may have seemed like Sonny followed through on his threat. But in November 2022, when Anna was arrested, Cyrus Renault warned Laura that Olivia had promised that if Anna ended up in Pentonville, she’d have a very short sentence, if you know what we mean! So it looks like Olivia is alive and well and now residing in Pentonville, but who knows what the future might hold?

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