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What Happened to Alan Quartermaine on GENERAL HOSPITAL

The Quartermaines aren’t as prominent as they once were, but Alan Quartermaine on GENERAL HOSPITAL will never be forgotten no matter how many years have passed after his death. Of course, if you’ve forgotten some of the details of his dramatic life story, we’re more than happy to fill you in with some of the highlights! Alan was first introduced back in 1977 and was played by Stuart Damon until the character’s tragic demise in 2007. However, the actor continued to reprise the role for ghostly visits to his family and loved ones in the years to follow. Over the years, Damon was nominated for Daytime Emmy Awards seven times for his work on GH, taking home the trophy for Outstanding Supporting Actor in 1999.

Dr. Alan Quartermaine first appeared at the request of Steve Hardy to help fund the hospital’s new cardiac wing. He and Dr. Monica Webber immediately sparked and their relationship led to marriage. Unfortunately, their union faltered due to her closeness to ex Rick Webber. When Alan and Monica’s son, Alan Jr. (A.J.) was born, Tracy Quartermaine led her brother to believe Rick was the boy’s father. Enraged, Alan plotted to kill Monica and Rick, but stopped himself in time.

General Hospital Rick Monica Alan
It was obvious to Alan that Monica was still pretty close to Rick.ABC Photo Archives

Next, it was Alan who had the affair, bedding Susan Moore and producing a son, Jason. Monica and Alan continued to spar, and he soon realized that the spark he felt with her was more powerful than what he felt for Susan, and they reconciled. Susan sued Alan and managed to get a million-dollar trust fund for Jason, so when she was murdered, Alan was an obvious suspect (it was really Lila Quartermaine’s first husband, Crane Tolliver). Alan managed to convince Monica to let Jason move into the mansion to live with them.

Monica’s affair with Sean Donely led to a bad business deal that bankrupted the Quartermaines, so Alan faked his death and framed Sean for his murder. While hiding in upstate New York and calling himself Simon, Alan had a brief fling with Charity Gatlin and a bump on the head briefly had him convinced he actually was Simon! But Edward brought him home and Monica’s love restored his memories. Monica beat out Alan for the job of chief of staff at the hospital, but he manipulated her into quitting the stressful job and she unwound at a spa where she had an affair with Ward, a tennis pro. When she returned to Port Charles, she was stunned to discover that Alan had been searching for Tracy’s son, Ned, who turned out to be Ward! Naturally, Alan was convinced that Monica and Ned were continuing their affair.

General Hospital Alan Lucy
Lucy’s wedding dress was… unusual, to say the least!Craig Sjodin/ABC

Alan cheated next with Lucy Coe, and when he wouldn’t leave Monica for her, she exposed their affair and he married her to squash the scandal. Still jealous of Alan and Monica’s continued connection, Lucy revealed her pregnancy and lied that Alan was the father. But when he learned Scotty was the real babydaddy, Alan threw Lucy out on her ear. He and Monica remarried, but he was jealous when another of her exes, David Langton, re-entered her life as one of her patients. When he died, his daughter, Nikki, sued Monica for malpractice, and Alan escaped the drama by frequenting bars and hanging out with Ronda Wexler. Defending her from Ray Conway, Alan accidentally killed the abusive boyfriend, and A.J. attempted to frame Jagger Cates for the murder. 

The next hurdle in Alan and Monica’s marriage was her battle with breast cancer that left her feeling unloved, though he was nothing but supportive. After Monica’s friend, Page Bowen, passed away from cancer, she and Alan adopted her daughter, Emily. Even though Monica had an affair with Dr. Pierce Dorman to boost her flagging self-esteem, Alan supported his wife when she was sued for sexual harassment. Also, A.J. caused a car accident that left Jason with brain damage and no memory of his life with the Quartermaines that led him to go work for Sonny Corinthos and call himself Jason Morgan.

After undergoing surgery on his hand to continue working as a surgeon, Alan became addicted to pain killers. Despite an intervention, he couldn’t kick the habit and the Quartermaines were forced to cut him off and as his life spiraled into drug dens and hookers, he finally entered rehab and got clean.

General Hospital Skye Edward Alan Tracy Monica
Things were never boring at the Quartermaine mansion!Getty

When Alan’s ex, Rae Cummings, arrived in Port Charles, looking for the child she thought had died, it was Monica’s turn to be jealous. After another cancer scare, Alan and Monica renewed their vows, and were stunned when Skye Chandler arrived and revealed she was Alan and Rae’s long-lost daughter. Although she initially caused trouble for the family, Alan became his daughter’s staunchest defender. And when Tracy revealed Skye wasn’t really Alan’s daughter, he adopted her to make it legal anyway.

During a hostage situation at the Metro Court hotel, Alan suffered a heart attack and was unable to be rushed to the hospital. By the time he was finally treated, it was too late, and Alan passed away in February 2007. However, Alan continued making ghostly appearances, torturing Tracy about forging his will to collect his fortune and enjoying some familiar bickering with Monica. In 2012, Alan visited again to offer Monica, Tracy, and A.J. reassuring words of wisdom from beyond the grave, and in 2013, he joined Rick and Emily’s spirits in trying to broker peace between Monica and Tracy.

As long as those who loved him are still around, Alan will never be forgotten.

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