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Confession After Confession After Confession!

_Now THAT’S a Friday episode! GENERAL HOSPITAL ended a powerful week of storytelling with several critical turns in the road!

_ For the first time, Sonny came face-to-face with a rather testy Connie, who made it perfectly clear her Bensonhurst upbringing did not include charm school. She looked as if she was going to get him in a headlock and bite his ear off! Not so. But she DID hit him over the head with some pretty hard-to-hear facts, like how very, very much she hated him and, oh yeah, that Johnny wasn’t who went after Anthony that night, she did. Connie thinks she’s smart and is scaring him away from her “host,” Kate, but she doesn’t know her former beau that well, does she? He’s more sympathetic to Kate than ever!

On the flip side of the coin, there were the Zacchara men. Or, actually, the Zacchara MAN and the Soleito man. After overhearing Tracy and Luke plotting to whack him, a rattled Anthony high-tailed it to Johnny, saying he’d have to divorce Tracy now and move back in with his grandson. “Over my dead body,” Johnny responded. Oh, Johnny, do be more careful about you wish for. An enraged Anthony pulled out a gun and aimed it at his heir, screaming, “I got half a mind to put a bullet in you right now!” One good turn deserves another, because in the heat of the moment, Johnny confessed that HE tried to kill Anthony that night. But… wait… didn’t Connie just…? Ah! And THUS the cliffhanger!

Add to those “gotcha” twists, Maxie hating on the squishy-hearted Spinelli for saving her from 20 years in prison but sealing Matt’s fate, Matt wrestling with the notion that he killed Lisa, and Luke and Tracy making a pact to resort to murder if they have to, Monday should be a DOOZY! Don’t forget to tune in!

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