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The Truth Behind Anna’s Vitreous Hemorrhage Diagnosis on GENERAL HOSPITAL

Fans were just as stunned as Anna when she suddenly went blind on GENERAL HOSPITAL. But what is a vitreous hemorrhage, and can her eyesight be restored?Thankfully, she’s got a good team on her side!

Anna was at Kelly’s with her son, Peter, when she suddenly got a terrible headache. While she could blame that on her recent phlebotomy treatment, she couldn’t explain why her vision suddenly turned dark and she found herself unable to see! Peter rushed her to the hospital where Finn was desperate for answers as Griffin ran tests. Eventually, Griff revealed that she had suffered a vitreous hemorrhage, but they had no idea why.

A vitreous hemorrhage is the leakage of blood into the vitreous humor, the clear gel that fills the space between the lens and the retina of the eye. It can cause faint cobweb-like apparitions that float through the field of vision, blurry or reddish tint to vision, or brief flashes of light. The mildest cases will cause the cobweb-like “floaters” while extreme cases can cause seriously impaired vision. The hemorrhage can have various causes, including trauma, age-related macular degeneration, or a macroaneurysm. Treatments vary case by case, but the goal is to fix the cause of the hemorrhage as quickly as possible. Retinal tears can be repaired, while detached retinas are reattached surgically.

General Hospital Anna Finn Griffin

Can Griffin and Finn figure out a way to restore Anna’s vision? (Photo Credit: ABC)

However, before the doctors can repair Anna’s vitreous hemorrhage, they’ll need to figure out exactly what caused it in the first place. It can also take months for the body to clear all of the blood from the vitreous even after treatment, so Anna will have quite a rocky road in front of her. Might the loss of her eyesight be permanent?

Stay tuned to see how Anna’s story continues, and for more GH news, keep reading the ABC edition of Soaps In Depth magazine!

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