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When Sam Returns to GENERAL HOSPITAL, She Shouldn’t Pick Jason or Drew


One of the hottest storylines going on GENERAL HOSPITAL right now is the love triangle between Jason, Sam, and Drew. The whole complicated mess got to be too much for Sam in the end and she left Port Charles to get her head together and figure out what she really wants. However, perhaps when she returns, she shouldn’t choose to be with Jason or Drew!

Sam was thrilled when she learned that her late husband, Jason Morgan, had returned from the dead. Sure, he had a new face and lacked some of his memories, but they reconnected and built a life together, including having another child, their baby girl, Emily Scout. Jason even got out of the mob life with Sonny and purchased Aurora Media so they could live a safer, more comfortable existence. Unfortunately, all of that came crashing down when Jason came back from the dead — again!

GH Drew and Sam - JPI

Happily ever after never lasts on a soap — at least not when you’re on camera! (Photo Credit: ChrisD/

The revelation that the man she had been married to for years was actually Jason’s twin brother, Drew Cain, shattered Sam’s world. The feelings that she felt for Drew were real, as was the daughter they had together. But she couldn’t ignore the feelings that she still felt for Jason, and although she tried to make her marriage work, she eventually had to confess that she was still in love with Jason. Overwhelmed by the conflicting emotions, Sam finally chose to take the kids and get away for a while in an attempt to get her head together.

But when Sam returns to Port Charles, it might be better for everyone involved if she pulls a “Kelly Taylor” and chooses herself instead of either of the two men in her life. Introduced as a worldly con artist, Sam was a strong female character who in recent years hasn’t quite felt like herself. Maybe it’s time for Sam to stand on her own two feet and not define herself by the man she’s with. It might also be better for her to try and make a clean break with both men because choosing one over the other is just going to lead to more heartbreak and resentment.

GH Sam Jason Rescue - JPI

Jason returned and saved Sam’s life only to turn it upside down! (Photo Credit: ChrisD/

Sam choosing to be single for a while would also create an interesting situation for the rabid fanbases that have emerged surrounding the two GH pairings. Since the return of Steve Burton as Jason, some intensely devoted fans have turned social media and message boards into an ugly battleground littered with vicious, hateful comments regarding one side or the other. Heck, even the actors took to social media themselves to decry the fan wars. Burton begged viewers to “please stop” bashing his castmates, and Kelly Monaco (Sam) fired back at some of her online haters.

Soap fans are a devoted lot, but the “JaSam” and “Dream” fans are making the “Liason”/“Jasam” fan wars look like a polite discussion in comparison. If she chooses one of the men, it will cause the winning side to gloat and the losing side to protest, and it could be a long time before the fans settle down. But by choosing to be single, nobody wins and nobody loses. Heck, GH could even go so far as to further stir the pot by putting Sam with a third man — Monaco has always had great chemistry with Michael Easton, so why not Sam and Finn? “Fan?” “Sinn?”

Stay tuned to GH to see how the storyline plays out, and what Sam’s decision will be when she returns to Port Charles! And for more GH news, keep reading the ABC edition of Soaps In Depth magazine!

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