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Lyin’ Liz Strikes!

Has Liz won the battle for Jason?

GENERAL HOSPITAL’s Elizabeth is putting that magnificent “bitch brow” back to use again! Yes, she’s still got a wee bit of that brat in her that made such waves when she first came to Port Charles. Oddly enough, that luscious mane of hers that’s suitable for tossing out a tower window to allow the handsome prince to climb to save her from the evil queen did not get in the way of her overhearing a private convo between sisters Sam and Kristina. The sibs were chatting it up about how Sam was still in love with Jason, yadda, yadda, yadda, when Liz had a light bulb moment — “I’ll nonchalantly mention to Lulu how Jason kissed me and put the final nail in that marriage coffin of theirs.” Not a bad plan… especially since Sam bought it!

If there’s one person who looks more lost in love than Sam — if that’s even possible — it’s Johnny with Carly. He’s pretty much standing in his own grave just waiting for them to start shoveling the dirt in over his head. He did what any blindly lovelorn human being would do who’s about to lose everything… decide to run like the wind! Considering the only thing he’s got going for him right now is his relationship with Carly (and that’s about to go belly up), he asked her to flee Port Charles with him. She, for all intent and purpose, said thanks but no thanks, making Johnny the most depressing character since, since, well, since evuh!

Although Sonny’s bodyguards aren’t the best at guarding his body (or his office, home or warehouse), it’s good to know that they’re good at something… like taking off their clothes while gyrating to music! Milo’s got quite a nice birthday suit on under that Armani, and Connie agreed. In a not-so ladylike way. But when Olivia walked in on her cousin checking to see if Milo still had his tonsils, Connie told her she was experiencing another LSD-induced hallucination. Ha! That rates a 15 on the Best Defense For Impropriety scale of one-to-ten.

This week, we’ve got Sonny and Kate’s wedding… with a “say what?!” twist. We’ve got Trey admitting to Kristina everything about his father and mother. We’ve got the possible beginning of Ellie/Spinelli (which is just too fun to say). Plus, we’ve got Liz making a shocking confession. So tune in, 2:00 ET and 1:00 PT/CT on ABC.

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