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What Happened to Margaux on GENERAL HOSPITAL


Port Charles’ newest district attorney, Margaux Dawson (pronounced Margo), might have been a new face to some GENERAL HOSPITAL fans, but viewers of THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS and ALL MY CHILDREN definitely recognized Daytime Emmy Award nominee Elizabeth Hendrickson in the newly-created role! Unfortunately, after one year, the actress announced that her run had come to an end. But this still might not be the last we see of Margaux!

D.A. Dawson was introduced as the one trying to put Carly Corinthos in prison for pushing a pregnant Nelle Benson down the stairs and Diane realized that she was going after Carly hard because it’s a way to get back at Sonny Corinthos, who is called the “Teflon Don” for a reason. He’s pretty much untouchable where the law is concerned, but Carly was a much easier target. Especially since Nelle’s gaslighting scheme basically served Carly to Margaux on a silver platter!

General Hospital Carly Sonny Mike Margaux Jordan

Margaux is the “take no prisoners” type! (Photo Credit: ABC)

Although Nelle’s scheme was eventually exposed and Carly set free, Margaux continued focusing on bringing Sonny and/or Jason in for whatever she could pin on them. She struck up a relationship with Drew, but it wasn’t entirely clear if she had genuine feelings for the guy or if she was just using him because he’s still carrying around Jason’s memories in his head. She did open up to him about the fact that she’s in Port Charles hoping to get justice for whatever happened to her father, who she believes the mob made “disappear” years ago. And when the body found after the explosion at Charlie’s Pub was identified, Margaux was horrified to learn that the corpse belonged to Vincent Marino — her father! Believing Sonny responsible for his death, she vowed revenge.

Unfortunately, Jason and Sam paid a visit to Margaux’s mother, Jeannette Marino, and discovered that she had a collection of love letters from Joe Scully, one of which had her urging the mobster to get rid of her husband so they could be together! When Sonny and Margaux confronted Jeannette, she confessed to the affair and a disgusted Margaux disowned her mother and threw her out of the family home. She ultimately chose not to pursue legal charges against her mother, which spared Sonny, as well.

Margaux continued trying to clean up Port Charles, but it was an uphill battle. She also gave Drew the memory stick containing his original memories in an attempt to put things right. As Dawn of Day spread its influence throughout the town, Margaux fell under its sway, and even after Jason and Sam exposed it as a dangerous cult, the D.A. remained loyal to its leader, Shiloh. However, after Sonny returned to her the dark secret she had given to the group as a sign of her loyalty, she agreed to prosecute Shiloh. Unfortunately, he soon wriggled out of the charges, and Margaux resigned as D.A.. 

The Young and The Restless Chloe Billy

Hendrickson and Miller first demonstrated their chemistry over on Y&R. (Photo Credit: Aaron Montgomery/

While Hendrickson was a newcomer on the GH set, she was known to some ABC Daytime fans for her roles as the ill-fated Frankie Stone on ALL MY CHILDREN as well as her twin sister, Maggie. She made her AMC debut in 2001, stepping in as Maggie in 2002 after Frankie’s murder. After leaving in 2005, Hendrickson returned to Pine Valley for a brief stint in 2007.

The actress then made guest-starring roles on primetime series like MEDIUM, COLD CASE, and CSI: MIAMI before returning to daytime with the role of Chloe Mitchell on Y&R in 2008. She exited in 2015, but has continued to return occasionally when the storyline and her schedule work together.

It may seem that Margaux’s story has come to an end, but in soaps, you never can tell. So stay tuned to see what happens, and for more GH news, keep reading the ABC edition of Soaps In Depth magazine!

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