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Mystery Man’s “Surprise!” Party!

There may be a skeleton or two in Samantha Morgan’s closet, but there is also a very much alive guy with bleached blond hair and a deadpan look. GENERAL HOSPITAL viewers want to know, what in the world is he up to? Come to think of it, who the heck is he?!

A soap opera isn’t a soap opera unless there’s at least one arcane stranger lurking in the shadows with a lock picking kit. On GH, this person who shall not be named is referred to only as “mystery man.” He slips in and out of Sam’s apartment with the dexterity of a cockroach, leaving only a hint of his presence. She feels it in her bones that something is amiss, and she’s right. Is it a ghost for her past? A message from the grave, maybe? Was that photo text of Jason that she, Liz, Michael, Carly, Sonny, Spinelli and A.J got a clue to his identity? Could it be…? Nah. You can bet they’ll all be at the Haunted Star to find out as the sender requested!

Are all the walls about to come tumbling down on A.J.? Nik is itchin’ to tell Liz that A.J did the mattress mambo with Carly, and Tracy is all but positive that Ava will come through with getting Kiki (aka the “missing Q heir”) to vote her in and A.J out of ELQ’s top spot. Then again, Ava looked at him like he was a banana split with double chocolate sauce. Maybe Tracy shouldn’t be so confident!

There’s lots to be excited about this approaching week. Luke and Tracy have a heart-to-heart about their “friendship,” Lulu has a flashback that rocks her to the core, and party guests are stunned with a capital “s” when they learn who their host is. A repeat showing of the 50th anniversary show airs on Monday, but the rest of the week, don’t forget, 2:00 ET and 1:00 PST/CT on ABC. Be there!

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