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Robin Breaks The Bad News!

“How could she?!” you ask. “She,” of course, is GENERAL HOSPITAL’s Robin and yep, she’s choosing to leave her husband and daughter for an undetermined length of time to bring Jason back to life. Patrick and Emma aren’t too happy about it either! Can you blame them?

Jason’s life was at stake and if it meant he would die without her help, then when that plane headed out of town the next day for unknown parts, Robin would be on it! She had to go, angry Patrick or not. Voices raised, faces became flushed, and tears poured. Emma didn’t like what she saw and heard and wanted to know why Mommy and Daddy were fighting. Mac escorted the little lady to the kitchen for cocoa while Patrick told his wife that if she was serious about leaving, then she’d have to be the one to break the news to their daughter. Aware that she was about to break her little girl’s heart, Robin fibbed right through her story, saying she was going to Africa to help sick people. Emma understandably didn’t react well and ran out of the room crying. Mac, on the other hand, read between the lines. He thought there was more to the story… and he was right.

While Emma was crying her eyes out and Patrick was gritting his teeth, across town at the Metro Court, T.J. was planning on an evening of romance (and sex!) with Molly. They both wanted her first time to be special, but maybe he should have thought of hooking up with her somewhere other than the busiest place in town where everyone knows them! He tried to be discreet, but the MC lobby had foot traffic like it was Grand Central Station. Olivia got him to admit what he was up to and she had one of “those” talks with him. When Molly showed up shortly thereafter, they pushed the elevator button to go up to their room and shared a steamy kiss… unaware that Rafe was watching and figured out what was going on!

Father’s Day came four months early in Port Charles. Michael and Kiki turned to their Dads for relationship advice, and both Sonny and Silas sort of said the same thing — suck it up and apologize! Even Sam had a tender Daddy moment with Julian. Hoping that she’d give him a chance and let him into her life at least a little, he made a donation in her brother Danny’s name to the foundation researching the disorder he had. Sam was stunned speechless and when she showed her appreciation for his thoughtfulness with a big hug, you could almost see the “Grinch’s small heart grow three sizes!”

Next week, an unexpected twist in Robin and Patrick’s life, Molly and T.J. find themselves in uncharted waters, and a masked assailant attacks A.J.! Don’t forget: 2:00 ET and 1:00 PST/CT on ABC. Be there!

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