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Sonny’s On The Hot Seat!

Have you ever seen GENERAL HOSPITAL’s Sonny nervous to the point of getting “the shakes”? Well, he was!

Sonny wasn’t nervous about shooting and potentially killing A.J., a man he had been known publically to despise. And he wasn’t nervous about there being a witness to the crime who also happened to be one of his greatest enemies. No. The only thing he was nervous about was losing Michael once he found out that he put a bullet in his bio dad’s chest!

Means, motive and opportunity. Sonny had them all. Shawn worked diligently to secure him an alibi so, at least, “opportunity” could be taken off the table. There was always Duke to fall back on for that. Or maybe not! That would mean lying to Anna yet again. But there was also that not-so small problem that A.J. could ID Sonny as the shooter and A.J. was hanging on. Therefore, Shawn would have to “take care” of A.J. if he recovered. At least they had a little time to pull together a plan, what with Julian being in police custody, a factoid that made Sonny a tad giddy.

Meanwhile, there wasn’t much anyone could do for an unconscious A.J. other than talk to him and hope that he could somehow hear them. Michael, Carly and Elizabeth all gave that a try but with no luck. When Sonny later showed up to check on Michael, Carly didn’t mix words. She cut right to the chase, asking him, “You shot A.J., didn’t you?”

Julian was locked up behind bars, just as Ava predicted he would be. But at least he had Carlos on “the outside” acting as his eyes and ears. He knew she was somehow behind the shooting and ordered Carlos to dig for the truth. Julian pled with Alexis to take on his case but, because she was also Sonny’s attorney, there was the question of conflict of interest. That said, she assured him she’d get him another attorney. A good one. Namely, Ric!

Over at the Q mansion, Monica had called every dive and strip club in Port Charles looking for A.J., who had been missing since the break-in that left him certain someone was trying to kill him. Luke tried to divert the subject, callously saying he wanted to lighten the mood and announced he and Tracy were engaged. Monica’s reaction was bewilderment, prompting her to ask Tracy, “Why? He’s still after your money!” Luke went ballistic, calling her a serial cheater with a revolving bedroom door. “You may be Tracy’s sister-in-law but you’re a legendary slut!” he shouted. Tracy told him to back off, that he was being mean. “What on earth did they do to you at Miscavige?” she asked. That, Tracy, most certainly is the question!

Next week, Obrecht learns that Britt and Nikolas are getting married, Ric has something major to share with Liz, hand danger hovers in A.J.’s hospital room! Don’t forget: 2:00 ET and 1:00 PST/CT on ABC. Be there!

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