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Valentine’s Day In Port Charles!

Nothing says Happy Valentine’s Day like a lively volley of back and forth bitch slapping! That’s right, love was in the air for almost everyone in Port Charles. While GENERAL HOSPITAL’s Duke was trying desperately to make up with Anna, Sonny was charming Olivia with a diamond necklace, Ava was seducing Morgan, Nikolas was preparing to propose marriage and Molly and T.J. agreed that they were ready for “that,” Britt and Elizabeth were exchanging threats and handprints on the other’s cheek!

The day began with Duke showing up at Anna’s office with a gentle smile and huge red roses. But to his surprise he was greeted not with a “thank you” but with a look of absolute annoyance that he was to make amends. Anna had it locked in her head that as long as he worked for Sonny, their relationship was at an impasse. As she saw it, she couldn’t be with a man who was a criminal by choice. He’d be happy to walk away from Sonny once he knew they were safe from Julian’s threat, but not until.

“The Jeromes have to be vanquished and then we can go back to our regular lives where you risks life and limb and I wanders aimlessly around the streets looking for employment,” Duke snapped. It wasn’t until he asked if she was willing to lose what they had that she began to soften. He didn’t let go of her during the 20 years he was captive in a Turkish prison and he wasn’t going to let her go now. Tears rolled down Anna’s face and she kissed him. She couldn’t turn him away either.

Liz arrived at Wyndemere to talk to Britt, who knew something ugly was about to happen. Through a fake smile and condescending tone, Liz returned Ben’s hairbrush, saying it must have accidently fallen in her purse. With a triumphant grin plastered on her porcelain face, Liz said, “Just like, accidentally, the other day, I picked up Dante’s water bottle and then I accidentally took a hair from Ben’s hairbrush and took it to the lab. And then I accidentally had it tested against Dante’s DNA. And then… I accidentally read the test results.” But Britt could dish it out as good as she was forced to take it, even calling Liz a lying, cheating whore! With that, Liz slapped her. Then Britt tested her by daring her to do it again. So Liz did! And Britt slapped her back!

Nikolas and Spencer brought V Day gifts to Dante and Lulu. Thanks to Spencer’s overactive mouth, he let it slip that Nikolas bought Britt a ring. At first Lulu was surprised that he was going to propose to Britt, but then Nik not only assured her that he loved Britt, he even told her why. Lulu approved. When the two Cassadine men returned home, Britt was still rattled by her encounter with Liz and was prepared to tell him the truth about little Ben.

While, Molly and T.J. were profess sing their love and agreeing their first time had to be safe and special, Ava was handing over a flash drive to Sonny that had all of Julian’s secrets. Morgan was impressed, Sonny not so much. He wanted to wait until the info checked out before passing judgment on Ava. But until that was done, he insisted Morgan treat Ava “like the enemy she is.” Morgan agreed to that for all of two and a half minutes!

Next week, Franco fights for his life, Patrick learns the truth from Robin and Liz makes a move! Don’t forget: 2:00 ET and 1:00 PST/CT on ABC. Be there!

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