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Who Is Ric Lansing?


If Tuesday’s GENERAL HOSPITAL gave you the impression that Ric Lansing is capable of doing a whole lot o’ “no good,” you’d be correct. Here’s a refresher course in the man who will undoubtedly be stirring up some major trouble while in town.

From the moment Ric arrived in Port Charles, he had a strange obsession with Sonny. Although he offered Sonny his legal services time and time again, he was continually turned down. That rejection only served as fuel for the fire. One night, Ric found Carly drowning her sorrows at Jake’s and saved her from downing a drink drugged by one of Faith Rosco’s goons. Ric took Carly to a hotel that night and the following morning she woke up naked in bed with him! He used the moment to his advantage by blackmailing her into talking him up to Sonny.

A couple of months later, Carly discovered she was pregnant and, much to her relief, Ric was not the father. She told Sonny about being drugged and presumably raped by Ric. Sonny was furious and wanted to kill him. After being kidnapped and escaping, Ric told Sonny to meet him at Sonny’s childhood vacation home in Martha’s Vineyard. There, Ric revealed he was Sonny’s half-brother and he blamed him for their mother choosing a life with Sonny over a life with Ric. Oh, and he did NOT have sex with Carly.

Determined to destroy Sonny one way or the other, Ric then plotted to blackmail Sonny’s sister, Courtney, into marrying him even though he and Elizabeth had fallen in love. Jason got Courtney out of that mess but Ric’s feelings for Liz had Faith seeing the green-eyed monster. Jealous that Liz was pregnant with Ric’s baby, Faith pushed her down a flight of stairs, causing her to miscarry.

Ric erroneously blamed Sonny for the fall and plotted to take his and a pregnant Carly’s baby to replace the one that Liz lost. To that end, he kidnapped Carly and chained her to a wall in a secret panic room in his and Liz’s new house. To insure that Liz wouldn’t get pregnant in the meantime, he put crushed birth control in Liz’s food. One day Liz found that panic room but passed out before she could do anything about it. When she woke up, she alerted the police.

Alcazar’s men kidnapped Carly and, to redeem himself in Liz’s eyes, he helped find her. However, Liz served him with divorce papers anyway. Hoping to win her back, he convinced Scotty to make him the assistant D.A. She slowly warmed up to him again, and they remarried. Pregnant with Zander’s child, they got Zander to sign away the rights. After Zander’s death, Ric admitted to Liz that he could never give up on his vendetta against Sonny and they split.

After Alexis realized she had to tell Sonny that Kristina was his daughter, Ric proposed. Meanwhile Alexis became pregnant with Ric’s child and, following a train wreck, Molly was born. To push Alexis’ buttons, Sam seduced her mother’s husband. Unaware that Alexis knew of his infidelity, he tried to make their marriage work when she was diagnosed with lung cancer. In the end, he cited her cancer as the reason she was unable to care for Molly and he was awarded custody.

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