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GENERAL HOSPITAL Spoilers 6/15/22: Sonny Makes an Offer!

These exciting GENERAL HOSPITAL spoilers tease an episode full of big promises, shocking discoveries, and intense confrontations! Brook Lynn digs up dirt on Linc, Curtis gets some pushback from Selina, Finn and Cam share a bonding moment, Cody has a suggestion for Spinelli, Trina and Joss head to the darker side of town, and Sonny sweet-talks Nina.

Determined to get back the rights to her music, Brook Lynn has been doing some digging into her former producer, Linc. And she’s hoping that what she’s uncovered will help her get out from underneath his control! “Linc is up to no good,” she excitedly tells Chase, “and now I know what.” Will Chase have BLQ’s back as she flings the dirt back at Linc, or will he think her plan to take him down is a bad idea?

Over at The Savoy, Curtis grows worried that his arrangement with Selina Wu is starting to affect his family. But when he tries to put the lady mob boss in her place, Selina isn’t having it. “Our businesses,” she informs Curtis in a controlled yet commanding tone, “are dependent on one another.” We bet Curtis is regretting getting involved with Selina’s high-stakes poker parties now!

Maxie and Austin
What does Maxie hear wandering around in the woods?ABC

In the woods at Pautuck State Park for the PC Pioneers jamboree, Cameron has a heart-to-heart with Finn, acknowledging the effort the doctor is making to bond with Elizabeth’s sons while she is away. “It doesn’t matter how it happens,” Finn suggests. But Cam thinks otherwise. “Actually, it does.”  Meanwhile, over at Maxie and Austin’s campsite, something goes bump in the night. “What was that?” a worried Maxie wonders. Is someone spying on them?

While trailing Zelda back to her hotel room at The Metro Court, Cody is shocked to see Spinelli at the matchmaker’s door — and jumps at the opportunity to convince him that they should work together. “I think we could help each other,” the newcomer tells a skeptical Spinelli. We know that Cody wants the money that Zelda stiffed him, but what could the skydiver possibly help Spinelli with?

After fibbing to their moms that they were going out dancing, Josslyn and Trina head over to The High Side, the sketchy bar that Spinelli told them about. On a mission, the girls start showing Esme’s photo around to the bar’s patrons, hoping to get a lead on where Spencer’s girlfriend got the burner phone she used to film Joss and Cam. “Do you remember selling a phone to her?” Trina asks a group of men. Will the girls find the answers they are hoping for… or just find themselves in big trouble?

Not wanting to be alone after his spat with Carly, Sonny tracked down Nina and asked her to spend the night with him. But Nina doesn’t think that’s such a great idea and would rather head home. Trying to convince her to stay, Sonny flashes his dimples and makes Nina an offer she can’t refuse. “I’ll make it worth your while,” Sonny promises.

Check out the teaser below for today’s new episode of GH!

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