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GENERAL HOSPITAL Spoilers 3/17/21: Nina Decides To Leave!

According to these GENERAL HOSPITAL spoilers, there won’t be much celebrating in Port Charles, despite the date being St. Patrick’s Day! T.J. wonders about his mom and stepdad’s marital status, Laura offers a lending hand, Ava plans a surprise, Sam changes course, Nina decides to leave town, Peter questions Cyrus’ motives, Liz vows to hold Jason responsible, and Carly freaks out on Jason!

Fresh off his own commitment ceremony with Molly, a happy T.J. is feeling hopeful that a reconciliation could be in the future for his estranged mom and stepdad, especially since Curtis and Jordan seem to have been making inroads lately in spending time in each other’s company. “Are the two of you back together?” T.J. asks his mom and Curtis when the three run into each other at GH.

Over at the Jerome Gallery, Ava has been hard at work setting up her latest exhibit: A memorial to her friend, Franco. But will Elizabeth, the late artist’s widow, be upset or touched by Ava’s grand gesture? “I just hope she likes my surprise,” Ava confesses to Nikolas and Trina.

Dante and Sam have been spending a lot of time together lately, discussing Peter’s misdeeds and figuring out a plan of action to stop him before more people wind up hurt. Or dead. Meeting up with Dante outside of Kelly’s, Sam informs her secret partner that they may need to adjust their tactics. “There’s been a change of plans,” she informs him.

GH Liz
Elizabeth wants to make sure that Jason pays for Franco’s death.ABC

Since snakes can often make friends with other snakes, Cyrus senses a potential comrade in Peter following the young man’s fall from grace. But when the drug lord offers up a proposal, Peter is wary of Cyrus’ motives. “And why should I trust you?” he queries.

Ever the steadfast matriarch, Laura is always willing to lend some assistance to others. Might she be offering onetime daughter-in-law, Elizabeth, a shoulder to cry on this time? “Tell me how I can help,” Laura offers. Meanwhile, Liz is more of an angry widow than a grieving widow, adamant that Jason murdered Franco in cold blood and determined to seek vengeance for her husband’s death. “And I’m gonna make sure Jason pays for it.”

Poor Carly. She’s already lost her husband, and now she may potentially be losing her best friend, too, should Jason go to prison for Franco’s murder. It’s no wonder that she has a complete meltdown! “I’m yelling at you!” she screams at Jason while the best friends are in the Corinthos kitchen. “Yell at me!”

Feeling a little lost now that she’s been forbidden by Michael from spending time with grandson Wiley, Nina decides that she needs to step away and leave town. “It’s time for me to get out of Port Charles,” Nina confesses to her Aunt Liesl. But is the Crimson editor simply taking a break from the chaos, or leaving town for good?

Check out this tease for today’s all-new episode of GH!

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