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GENERAL HOSPITAL Spoilers 5/10/22: Ned Tries to Save ELQ!

Secrets are uncovered and demands are made in today’s GENERAL HOSPITAL spoilers! Josslyn wants Cameron to explain his behavior, Ava offers Trina some advice, Spencer discovers something Esme’s been hiding, Willow learns something about her mother’s past, Carly proves a point to Nina, and Ned puts his foot down about the future of ELQ!

Cameron is caught between a rock and a hard place these days, knowing that Spencer is trying to find evidence against Esme and keeping that secret from Josslyn and Trina. When the girls arrive at Kelly’s and find Cameron — gasp! — being nice to Esme, his behavior puts him even further on the outs with his girlfriend and their friend, and a ticked-off Josslyn wants answers. “Why would you hurt Trina that way?” she demands. Will Cam come clean that he was only trying to keep Esme occupied while Spencer was snooping around in her room?

Meanwhile, at the gallery, Ava offers Trina some advice on dealing with Esme. After all, Ava knows a thing or two about manipulation! “Goad her into making a mistake,” Ava suggests to her protégée, “and trap her.” And at Wyndemere, while searching for proof that connects Esme to Trina’s arrest, Spencer stumbles upon the stack of letters from the nanny his girlfriend has stashed in the back of her closet. “What else are you hiding?” he murmurs, clearly realizing he doesn’t know Esme as well as he thought he did!

Trina and Ava hatch a plot to trap Esme at her own game.ABC

Willow still has a lot of questions about the fact that Harmony wasn’t her real mother and is hoping that Alexis might be able to fill in some blanks. When Alexis relays the story Harmony told her about how another woman at the commune had abandoned her baby, will Willow even believe the far-fetched tale? “Do you think any of that story is true?” Willow asks.

As the two women in Sonny’s life get into a face-off at Charlie’s Pub, Carly lets Nina know that she is still very much a part of her ex’s life. “If you’re wondering if I talk to Sonny,” Carly calmly says, delivering the blow, “the answer is yes.” Will Nina tuck her tail and walk away, or clap back at her nemesis?

Over at the Quartermaine mansion, tensions rise as Michael, Drew, and Ned discuss ELQ’s future and the best way to keep Valentin out of the family business. Ned is not too happy about his nephew’s proposal to merge ELQ with Aurora, but Michael stands his ground. “It’s not that simple,” he insists. Later, Drew offers to smooth things over between Ned and Michael. “How can I help?” he asks. “Call it off,” Ned demands. Will Drew back down to Ned’s demand or continue to side with Michael, causing a further rift in the Quartermaine family?

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